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Estimated Pay $18 per hour
Hours Full-time, Part-time
Location Douglas, Georgia

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Estimated Pay
We estimate that this job pays $18.19 per hour based on our data.




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Job Description

Job Description

Lab Tech Assistant


  • Assists technical staff in clerical functions including but not limited to: Receipt of specimens from the pneumatic tube system, telephone duties, specimen processing and routing of specimens to clinical areas, inventory and replacement of supplies, clerical duties related to test reports and quality control, filing and/or charting of test reports, and cleaning of laboratory equipment. Also responsible for re-collection of blood specimens from critical patients. Other duties may be assigned by laboratory management.


  • The evaluation is to assure individual performance, departmental goals and organizational goals are aligned. It is designed to support communication between the manager and the employee. Employee perception of their own performance is very important. To maximize the benefit of this process, both the manager and the employee participate in the evaluation process.


  1. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
    • Excellent customer service skills.
    • Reads and understands the English language.
    • Ability to think critically and analytically with little or no supervision
    • Ability to work effectively in situations of high stress and conflict and communicate goals and outcomes.
    • Ability to process information and prioritize
    • Possesses exceptional verbal and written communication skills
    • Possesses independent work habits, is self-reliant and self-directed
    • Ability to learn, adapt, and change as required by the job functions
    • Ability to maintain absolute confidentiality of material and information accessed and reviewed
    • Basic computer literacy
    • Ability to move freely, reach, bend, and complete light lifting
    • Ability to use good body mechanics while performing daily job functions and ability to follow specific OSHA guidelines
    • Ability to maintain attendance to meet standard job practices
  1. Education
    • High school diploma or GED
  2. Licensure
  1. Experience
    • Previous clerical and/ or medical experience is preferred
  1. Interpersonal skills
  1. Essential technical/motor skills
  2. Essential physical requirements
  3. Essential mental requirements
    • Must be able to read, write, and follow instructions. Also must have exceptional communication and organizational skills.
  1. Essential sensory requirements
  1. Other
  2. Equipment used


  1. Exposure to hazards (body fluid exposure level)
    • Level I
  1. Age of Patient Populations Served
    • Neonates 1-30 days
    • Infants 30 days-1 year
    • Children 1-12 years
    • Adolescents 13-18 years
    • Adults 19-70 years
    • Geriatrics 70+


  • Below are those tasks, duties, and responsibilities that comprise the means of accomplishing the position’s purpose and objectives. These are critical or fundamental to the performance of the position. They are the major functions for which the person in the position is held accountable. Following are the essential functions of the position, along with the corresponding performance standards.
  • Responsible for clerical duties associated with assisting in test resulting and reporting including telephone, charting of reports, maintaining quality control logs.
  • Responsible for cleaning of laboratory equipment.
  • Responsible for duties associated with assisting in test resulting and reporting, including processing specimens prior to testing, routing specimens to testing areas, clarifying orders/ specimens.
  • Responsible for inventory of supplies and replacement.
  • Answers phone in a courteous manner according to hospital policy. Serves as a resource to phlebotomy, nursing, and medical staff. Is able to transfer when needed.
  • Adheres to infection control and safety policies and procedures. Wear appropriate PPE's at all times.
  • Ensures supplies are received and properly stored. Notifies lab management when supplies are low.
  • Maintains clean equipment and is responsible for neatness throughout the department.
  • Responsible for assisting phlebotomist in specimen collection.
  • Understands principles of correct specimen collection and handling of non-blood specimens, and is able to give patient instructions.
    • Facilitates collection of all non-blood specimens including urine, semen, stool, and sputum specimens.
    • Facilitates collection of urine specimens for drugs of abuse testing.
    • Consistently completes and obtains signatures on all forms required for drugs of abuse testing.
  • Performs phlebotomy (venipuncture, finger stick, heel stick, and bleeding time) according to established procedures.
    • Performs venipuncture using correct technique and with minimal discomfort to the patient.
    • Performs finger stick procedures with correct technique and when unable to obtain specimen by veniuncture.
    • Performs heel sticks on infants with correct technique.
    • Performs bleeding times according to procedure.
    • Understands age specific requirements for venipuncture (communication, selection of blood collection devices, minimizes blood volumes collected). This includes neonates, infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school age, adolescents, adults and geriatrics.
  • Identifies patients and properly labels specimen tubes.
    • Identifies patient by checking name and patient identifiers on patient armband and compares with request and patient response.
    • Labels all specimen tubes at bedside following established procedure.