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Estimated Pay $23 per hour
Hours Full-time, Part-time
Location Donalsonville, Georgia

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Job Description

Job Description



Education: 1. A minimum of a high school diploma or GED

2. Associate's Degree or has completed two years of college coursework (60 semester hours) or passed a PSC-approved Paraprofessional Assessment Experience:

Desirable knowledge of child development/understanding nature of the child, good interpersonal skills, clerical skills which include computer skills and acquaintance with office and media equipment

REPORTS TO: Director of Student Services, Principal and/or Special Ed. Teacher


The duties and responsibilities of the special education paraprofessional are performed under the general supervision of the special education teacher and include the list below, but they may be increased, decreased, and otherwise modified

  1. Special Education Paraprofessionals should possess these qualities to maintain a good working relationship with administrators, counselors, teachers, parents, and students. This position requires:
  • Patience, tolerance, and cooperativeness
  • Enthusiasm and interest in the job
  • Friendliness, honesty, maturity, confidence, and sincerity
  • Respect for individual difference
  • Sensitivity to the needs of others
  1. The duties and responsibilities will vary, depending on the needs of the student.

  2. Special Education Paraprofessionals follow the instructions of class and special education teachers to help these children assimilate and learn alongside their peers.

  3. Any task necessary to promote student learning is worthy of you performing it with pride and diligence.

  4. Try to understand thoroughly what is expected of you.

  5. Be supportive. Give the school administrators and teachers you loyal support, your best assistance, and the students your help and encouragement.
  6. Assist in the overall instruction of the classroom.

  7. Assist the teacher with making modifications and accommodations to assignments, tests and projects for the student. Understand appropriate accommodations.

  8. Assist the teacher in taking data for progress monitoring ? this is important for accuracy.

  9. Provide instruction to students as prescribed by the teacher and reinforce skills.

  10. Manage student behavior and maintain classroom order when appropriate; reinforce rules of the school and classroom.

  11. Assist in administering, grading, and evaluating assessments and class assignments.

  12. Be available to listen to individual student problems in academic and behavioral areas.
  13. Give supportive suggestions to students for self-improvement.

  14. Interpret difficult and important information for students who miss assignments.

  15. Provide extra help to students who do not understand assignments. Do not do work for students or provide answers.

  16. Observe students and report positive and negative behavior to the case manager.

  17. Depending on the needs of the children, you may support them during play and other general activities in class and around the school. Children with mobility issues may need physical help getting into and out of school each day and assistance getting around during the day. This may include:
    • pushing wheelchairs
    • moving students to changing tables
    • assisting with toileting
    • positioning students into other mobility devices as instructed

  18. Those with behavioral problems may need supervision during recess and lunch periods. Some children also have additional personal care needs, and it may be part of your job to help them manage toileting and eating.

  19. Assist with classroom housekeeping and material preparation, as requested.

  20. Maintains confidentiality.

  21. Prompt, courteous and professional in student and peer interactions.

  22. Other duties and responsibilities such as:
    • Changing students
    • Diapering
    • Feeding students
    • Assisting with medical monitoring and procedures, as trained

  23. Performs all other duties as requested by the teacher and/or principal