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Estimated Pay $16 per hour
Hours Full-time, Part-time
Location Youngstown, Ohio

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Estimated Pay
We estimate that this job pays $15.53 per hour based on our data.




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Job Description

Job Description


Lead daily operations to ensure consistency in serving safe, quality food in a meticulously clean and organized environment with genuine hospitality. 


Develop caring leaders that serve excellent food with hustle and heart.

  • Excellence- We achieve the highest level of quality in everything we do and have a relentless drive to move our business forward.
  • Integrity- We are committed to doing the right thing, no matter what. 
  • Responsibility - How I show up to work, handle resources and minimize waste
  • Growth - We are open-minded to new ideas, value coaching and personal development and know we never graduate from the basics.
  • Teamwork- We value team unity by having open and honest discussions, and we respect each other, even when we disagree.
  • Hustle - We take action and move with urgency and purpose.
  • Hospitality - We commit to the guest being our #1 priority no matter what. We serve from the heart and strive for them to feel immediately known. We take the initiative to anticipate their needs.


  • Assume positive intent
  • Complaining vs sharing needed information
  • Tone of voice and non-verbal’s are respectful (caution when using sarcasm)
  • Treat each other how you want to be treated 
  • Tell the truth and don't get offended when others share feedback
  • Zero gossip-tell the person who needs to hear the information and leave out the others
  • Choose private locations for sensitive conversations, not in front of the team or guests
  • Never be threatened by the success of others, rather celebrate the wins of those around you


  • Lead shift (PIC) to ensure smooth operations and outstanding customer experience
  • Creating and promoting a healthy and productive work environment for all employees.
  • Keep all employees on task at all times, managing employee breaks and ensuring we are getting all daily tasks completed. 
  • Able to read Labor and make decisions to reach labor goals
  • Track all waste accurately using Q-ally and the waste excel log
  • Ensuring the completion of daily eRQA and SAFE assessments.
  • Using the HEARD model to handle guest complaints/issues/problems.
  • Answering any phone calls through the designated store phone.
  • Fulfilling any or all parts of a catering order with excellence.
  • Being available and prepared to fill in the role of PIC at any given time.
  • Oversee all cash management  including counting and handling of cashier tills, change fund, opening and closing tasks, etc.
  • Able to open and close shifts and lead, both FOH and BOH
  • Ensure all new hires are trained by Team Leader and training is tracked.
  • Be willing and capable to train new Team Members in all positions.
  • Completion of all Jolt checklists
  • Reducing potential food safety risks through the identification of issues and the development of innovative solutions 
  • Keep a meticulously clean and organized environment
  • On the job coaching to all Team Members on Pathway Procedures etc.


  • Be able to multitask and see the “big picture” while on shift.
  • Identify bottlenecks and run breaks proficiently 
  • Enthusiastically and passionately lead the team.
  • Represent the brand of Chick-fil-A in a positive manner at all times.
  • Set an example for all employees on how business should be conducted through attitude, procedure, guest interaction, and performance.
  • Following all procedures for proper uniform and appearance standards.
  • Remain composed and professional at all times
  • Proficient on all Pathway procedures
  • Take initiative, plan, and set priorities 
  • Can hold team members and self accountable 
  • Take action and lead with a strong sense of urgency.
  • Clearly communicate the Vision & Purpose to the team
  • Can be trusted at all times
  • Expert in time management skills


  • Labor Percentage of Sales & Daily Productivity ($)
  • Positive FC Gap:  < 1.50% Gap, manage food waste
  • Food Safety Score, eliminate all high-risk findings, and repeated violations
  • Jolt checklist, BOH, FOH and Weekly Cleaning and leader,  90% completion rate
  • CEM:  Top 20% in all Metrics
  • 100% SAFE Daily Critical Completion Percentage


  • Post game plan the night before in the Slack channel “whole team”  
  • Ensure store is ready to open by 10:45am
  • Equipment turned on and setup
  • Store is stocked
  • Change fund counted
  • First drop of chicken by 10:55
  • Write out the game plan on the whiteboard  
  • Partner with a Team Leader to ensure trainees are trained, coached, and encouraged
  • Define measurable shift goals while maintaining awareness of store/team goals
  • Assign clear personnel positions and roles
  • Balance development of employees and positive guest experience  
  • Create one intentional development opportunity every shift


  • Greet and brief all team members upon arrival 
  • All new hires effectively trained by being paired with trainer and ensures debriefing every shift
  • Run all breaks, be mindful of breaks negatively impacting the guest experience 
  • Ensure completion of tasks, cleaning, catering prep, etc
  • Manage productivity and labor
  • Make adjustments when needed
  • Coach and develop team members to inspire high performance
  • Ensure positive customer experience
  • S.O.S, Core 4, Winning Hearts Everyday
  • Coach to LCE iPad and AHA iPad
  • Maintain and coach to professionalism at all times


  • Huddle once for lunch and for dinner between FOH and BOH PICs
  • Recap, reflect, and provide feedback on the overall store performance
  • Handover any relevant information to incoming PIC 
  • Ensure completion of jolt checklists and other tasks to setup the next daypart for success 
  • Complete all Cash Management duties including InFORM, Counting drawers, Loomis, End of Day 
  • Ensure all Waste is tracked in Q-Tally
  • Ensure truck/produce orders are placed 
  • Perform final walk-through  
  • Check for store cleanliness, dishes done, items stocked, and equipment turned off (PM)


Availability 32 hours or under $14-15

Availability 32-40 hours $15.25-16.25

REPORTS TO: Director and Operator

DIRECTLY LEADS:  Team Members & Team Leaders

Working at a Chick-fil-A® restaurant is more than a job – it’s an opportunity for teamwork and leadership development in a positive, people-focused environment. Most Chick-fil-A restaurants are locally owned and operated by independent, franchised Operators who invest in the future of their Team Members and give back to their communities.