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Average Daycare Teacher Salary Nationwide

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Overview and Basic Information


If you just can’t get enough of rugrats, ankle biters and curtain climbers, being a daycare teacher is the job for you. If you’d rather sit through six days’ worth of your granddad’s “uphill both ways to school in the snow” stories rather than change a diaper, you might want to pass on this job!

Example Daycare Teacher Job Description

We’re looking for a daycare teacher who will help encourage the healthy intellectual, physical and psychological growth of the babies and young children parents entrust to our school. You’ll teach and supervise them while also motivate them to use their noggins and exercise their bodies and imaginations.

Typical Duties Include:

  • Provide basic




    and caregiving activities

  • Create


    lesson plans

  • Use a wide range of teaching methods (stories, media, indoor or outdoor games, drawing) to enhance children’s abilities

  • Evaluate children’s performance to make sure they are on the right learning track

  • Communicate progress updates to parents

  • Observe children’s interactions and step in when necessary

  • Identify behavioral problems and determine a course of action

  • Collaborate with other teachers and managers

  • Adhere to teaching guidelines set by the state


  • Experience as a child care/daycare teacher

  • Excellent knowledge of child development and up-to-date teaching methods

  • Creativity, patience, flexibility and a love of children

  • Strong communication skills and time management 

  • Certificates in first aid and CPR

  • Degree in early childhood education preferred

  • Exceptional references

  • Background check

Common Questions About Daycare Teacher Jobs

How much does a daycare teacher make?

The average hourly pay for daycare teachers is around $11 an hour but depends on your experience and where you live. Wages are higher for full-time employees and teachers with college degrees.

What are the education requirements?

Education requirements in daycare centers vary by state and position. Daycare teachers almost always need a high school diploma, and in most cases, a combination of college education and experience is preferred. Teacher’s assistants and child care workers usually only need a high school diploma. Some states also require CPR and first aid training, fire safety, and child abuse detection and prevention.

Career paths for daycare teachers

If you’re set on a career in child care–and willing to continue your education–you’ll definitely find opportunities for career growth. Daycare center directors usually need at least a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and a lot of experience. Your hard work will pay off, though, because the pay averages around $20 an hour.

The future of daycare teachers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job opportunities for daycare teacher positions should continue to grow. More parents prefer the structured setting and believe they provide a better foundation for children before they begin kindergarten. Many daycare teachers leave their positions to return to school, or for higher pay and benefits. Child care centers have pretty high turnover, which will work in your favor if you want a daycare teacher position.

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