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Store Manager

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Overview and Basic Information


This job title is pretty self-explanatory. Store managers are the people in charge of store operations for an entire retail store, as well as the employees who work there. They’re the folks who manage the general operations of the store, making sure it runs smoothly and meets budget and sales goals.

A store manager plans employee schedules, interviews, hires, coordinates and disciplines employees when necessary. They make sure the store is well-stocked, clean and in proper working order. They also work with the corporate office to create and maintain budgets. They’re also the ones who take the heat for customer complaints when an angry customer demands, “Let me speak to your manager,” so they’ve got to have a cool head.

Example store manager job description

We’re looking for a store manager to oversee all of the daily operations of our mall retail location. As store manager, you will be responsible for the store’s employees, including interviewing, hiring, terminating, performance evaluations, scheduling and assigning duties. You will also be responsible for maintaining the store’s brand and ensuring that your staff also promotes the store’s culture. You’ll oversee the operational and organizational standards of the store, as well as execute marketing and advertising strategies dictated by the corporate marketing team. The store manager will regularly review the daily, weekly and quarterly sales goals for the store to ensure the company and employees are meeting their quotas.

Typical duties include:

  • Recruit and hire employees to meet the needs of customers

  • Create schedules and assign duties to employees

  • Train new employees and provide continuing education to existing employees

  • Track sales quotas for the store and employees based on the financial goals dictated by the corporate office

  • Manage store inventory

  • Evaluate employees and replace as needed based on performance metrics


  • High school education or equivalent, bachelor’s degree preferred

  • Minimum 2 years retail management experience

  • Great communication skills

  • Ability to lead and motivate a team

  • Ability to work in high-pressure situations and think on your feet

  • Ability to read and understand sales data

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills

  • Self-motivated and confident

Common questions about store manager jobs

How much does a store manager make?

According to, the average retail store manager makes about $60,000. But salaries can vary depending on things like your education, where you’re working, additional skills (such as being bi-lingual) and the number of years of experience in the retail industry. 

What are the education requirements?

Store managers don’t require any special education since a lot of learning is done through on-the-job training. There are also many general management courses that can be found online and you can also get a degree in business administration. Most managers have spent years as employees in retail before reaching the manager level.

Career paths for store managers

A management gig can seem like the final step in a retail career path but it doesn’t have to be. Once you achieve a certain level of management experience, you can transfer those skills to many different areas in and outside retail. For example:

  • General manager (where you’re responsible for multiple stores)

  • Buyer or merchandiser (where you decide which items will be sold at stores)

  • Employee training at the corporate level

The future of store managers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), overall job opportunities for all retail workers are predicted to only rise 2% from 2016-26. The slow pace is mostly due to the increase in online sales.  

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