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    Production Assistant in Pillow Manufacturing

    Santa Clarita, CA 91355
    Full-time, Part-time
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    Job Description

    Job Description

    Se habla español.


    As a Production Assistant in Pillow Manufacturing, you will be called upon to assist in a variety of tasks. These tasks include but are not limited to the following:

    Prepare work for Sewers

    • Counting Materials
    • Pinning pieces of fabric
    • Daily Record “Given” and “Received” Work

    Assist with Inventory

    • Counting and organizing materials

    Package Pillows

    • Clean packaging
    • Place pillowcases on pillows

    Fill Pillows

    • Operate a pillow blowing machine to fill pillows to the proper weight
    • Receive shipments of fabric, zippers, labels, and other pillow notions.
    • Separate damaged/irregular cuts/goods

    Bundle All Labels & Fabric

    • Record a note with the amount per bundle on a ledger.

    Organize Production Areas

    • Keep stations tidy
    • Break down & discard boxes


    • 1 year of experience in a face-paced environment
    • Completes tasks at a fast pace with accuracy
    • Quick and accurate with counting
    • Ability to sit or stand for long periods of time
    • Energetic, positive attitude & highly organized
    • Ability to lift heavy objects is a plus
    • Experience with power tools and painting is a plus
    • Bilingual - Spanish & English is a plus

    Company Description

    At Save My Face, Inc., our company's objective is to provide a product that solves everyday problems with a quality product. "Save My Face!"® Pillow gently ELEVATES and SUSPENDS your face over the sleep surface allowing you to rest comfortably, removing harmful pressure on facial tissues and muscles.We currently have three divisions – Retail, Medical and Spa.

    1) Retail – The company’s objective for the consumer is to consistently supply them with a product that will improve their appearance and wellbeing, is effective, comfortable and saves them money by keeping consumable products that they are already using on their face as opposed to rubbing off on their pillow. Through phone orders, our website, and Amazon, we personally have the opportunity to sell our product to a variety of individuals. In addition, with stores and wholesale accounts being added all over the world, we have a bright future of upward growth.
    2) Medical – Because of our partnership with medical physicians and other health providers that use and recommend Save My Face® products to their patients, we are now FDA registered (the first and only FDA registered face saving pillow). Further, we are currently registering for a specific HCPCS code that will enable health care providers and hospitals to bill our product to medical insurances. Whether it is for use to provide patient comfort during procedures or for post-op recovery, our pillows perfectly fill this need.
    3) Spa – With our trademarked crescent design along with anti-bacterial medical grade fabrics, spas love to use our product to protect their clients’ faces.

    As you know, we manufacture our pillows at our facility in Valencia, CA. Our desire is to become a Household name to the Consumer/End User and the Professional and to have longevity in the marketplace. Since we are first on the market we are positioned to outlive any “copycats” and to even “copycat” ourselves. The trademarked “Save My Face!”® anti-wrinkle pillowette which is the first and main product of Save My Face, Inc. has garnered (20) years of upward spiraling sales and has Branded the Registered name and Logo of Save My Face. We have established our presence in the industry and will listen to and answer to the “needs” of the consumer; aggressively introducing new “problem solving” products as needed throughout each year.

    Indeed, the Save My Face Pillow has a variety of benefits:

    (1) Snoring/Breathing devices are kept in place and used properly; (2) Eye creams are prevented from rubbing off on their pillows because the face is suspended. (3) Healing from surgeries to the face are accelerated. (4) Laser eye surgery patients recover more quickly and with peace of mind that they will not roll over on their eye at night and ruin what they paid thousands for. Bottom line, the customer’s consumables preserved by a non-consumable product that costs pennies a day and lasts for years.
    Posting ID: 571743175Posted: 2021-01-15