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    American Sign Language: ASL Interpreter Coalinga, Ca

    Vancro Incorporated
    Coalinga, CA 93210
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    Job Description

    Job Description

    Location:Coalinga, California

    Vancro is currently seeking American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters to support The Department of State Hospitals, at the Coalinga, Ca location. ASL Interpreters shall provide expert sign language services within the unique environment of The Department of State Hospitals operations, training, meetings, policy and directives that will come from The Department of State Hospitals in Coalinga, Ca.

    Details of the position:

    Performs as an ASL Interpreter within the DSH in Coalinga, Ca. Provide the full spectrum of sign language services within the DSH or those visiting the DSH. Performs expert sign language interpretation of the English language. Skill in applying this knowledge to difficult and complex work assignments and to the development of new methods, approaches, or procedures and possesses thorough knowledge of and adherence to the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct. Participates and translates in round-table, and free flowing discussions and meetings, commemorative programs and award ceremonies, formal presentations, formal and informal inter-office division and directorate meetings, formal and informal inter-office training, teleconferences and Internet based collaborative remote meetings, workshops, projects, training courses, fast pace technology meetings or briefings, personal reviews, evaluations, interviews, and any other personal related meetings. Many conversations are translated simultaneously between English and ASL. Provides assistance to other interpreters both inside/outside the organization on a variety of issues and subjects.

    Qualifications and EducationRequired

    All Interpreters should have general industry specific terminology knowledge and must be certified through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and qualified to provide the following services in various situations in day to day business involving training situation, meetings, counseling and similar employment related situations that may require but not limited to the following:

    • Sign simultaneously and/or consecutively from oral spoken English into American Sign Language (ASL), Signed Exact English (SEE) Contact Sign (formerly known as Pidgin Sign English (PSE)), Close Vision, Sign Supported Speech, and tactileusing verbatim, conceptually accurate, or idiomatic methods.
    • Interpret for deaf/hard of hearing team members engaged in day to day business operations involving meetings, training programs, seminars, technical training classes, presentations, applicant interview processing, performance review applications, orientations, career counseling situations, dispute resolutions, and those involving health safety and security situations.
    • Sign in situations that require simultaneous, uninterrupted platform interpreting and typically involve sensitive high-level staff / dignitaries as special guest speakers such as executive/management groups, director's meetings, and professional lectures.
    • Professionally voice in spoken English responses by client, whether it be in meetings, technical training classes or presentations.
    • Sign on subjects ranging from simple statement of facts to complex and specialized terminology to include coordination of support to our customers and their customers.
    • Operate special telephonic communications equipment commonly used to help deaf/hard of hearing individuals.
    • Professionallyvoice in spoken English responses that implement technical references to professional fields common in the DSH.
    • Provideassistance to our customers that involve resolution of various communications issues between the deaf/hard of hearing persons and their supervisors or employees in the workplace.

    Skills and Abilities Required

    The following skills and abilities are required (for receptive and expressive interpreting) of all Sign Language Interpreters:

    • Ability to keep pace with normal conversation in conferences, meetings, seminars, training courses, interviews, and public speaking events;
    • Ability to voice interpret;
    • Ability to accurately indicate nuances, tone, intonation, inflection and the spirit of the speaker's voice to enable the consumer to fully receive messages;
    • Skills to cover special events (e.g., anthem);
    • Ability to interpret personal sessions of a sensitive nature;
    • Comprehensive knowledge of the use of the English vocabulary including the ability to read well and articulate clearly;
    • Interpreting assignments will include technical and non-technical content and may involve computers, finance, science, engineering, VBA matters, human resources, meetings, training, and other job-related functions;
    • Ability to select, highlight and abstract with context when dealing with complicated concepts, idioms, etc.
    • Comprehensive knowledge of the use of ASL vocabulary and grammar.

    Criteria for Certified Interpreters:

    • Interpreters shall hold an active national certification (e.g., RID, NAD); and
    • Interpreters shall have a minimum of one year professional experience and
    Posting ID: 596532817Posted: 2021-01-27