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    Staff Pharmacist - California, MD - Store 487

    Harris Teeter

    44900 St Andrews Ch Rd, California, MD 20619
    1.3 miles Full-time

      Pharmacy Technician


      80 W. Dares Beach Road, Prince Frederick, Maryland, Prince Frederick, MD 20678
      17.4 miles Full-time, Part-time



        80 W. Dares Beach Road, Prince Frederick, Maryland, Prince Frederick, MD 20678
        17.4 miles Full-time, Part-time

          Staff Pharmacist - California, MD - Store 487

          Harris Teeter
          44900 St Andrews Ch Rd, California, MD 20619
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          Job Description

          SUMMARY: Primary responsibility is to Take Excellent Care Of Our Customers by satisfying each customer's needs, exceeding their expectations, and making every shopping visit a pleasant and satisfying experience. This requires a defined level of management skills, product knowledge, sales ability, customer relations skills, and cooperation with fellow associates.
          Is responsible for assisting the Pharmacy Manager with the operation, direction, coordination, and evaluation of the department. Carry out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with Harris Teeter's policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities may include training associates; planning, assigning, and directing work; addressing complaints and resolving problems.
          Pharmacists are health practitioners who specialize in dispensing of drugs and providing information to our customers about drug side effects and use.  Pharmacists must understand the compositions of medicines/drugs, as well as the laws that regulate their manufacture and sale. Is also responsible for ensuring that the Pharmacy Department adheres to all State & Federal laws and regulations as well as Harris Teeter standards and policies.
          Customers are among our Company's most valuable assets. Each of you represents Harris Teeter to our customers and the public. The way we do our jobs presents an image of our entire Company. Customers judge us by how they are treated each time they have contact with us. Therefore, one of our top business priorities is to assist any customer or potential customer. Nothing is more important than being courteous, friendly, helpful, and prompt in the attention you give to customers.
          Harris Teeter will provide customer service training to all associates who have extensive customer contact. If a customer wishes to make a specific comment or complaint, you are required to direct that person to the manager-on-duty for appropriate action. Remember that your contacts with the public in person, over the telephone, and through all your communications reflect not only on you but also on Harris Teeter as a whole. Positive customer relations will not only enhance the public's image of Harris Teeter, but also pay off in greater customer loyalty and increased sales and profit.
          ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Your primary job function is to personally perform the first set of functions while ensuring that all Pharmacy Department associates also perform them. Additional essential job functions are listed under SUPERVISORY JOB FUNCTIONS.
          Initiate interaction with customers on the sales floor and Pharmacy counter. Ask the customers questions regarding their shopping needs. Provide customers information needed to meet their wants, needs, and requirements. Follow through on customer requests.
          Ø      Your job performance is required to demonstrate the highest level of customer service. Never be rude to a customer under any circumstance.
          Ø      Follow through on customer requests.  If you cannot say "yes" to a customer's request, bring in the manager-on-duty.   Never turn down business.
          Ø      Make eye contact with and smile at every customer.
          Ø      Speak to customers in a genuine, clear, and enthusiastic manner and ask if they found everything they were looking for.
          Evaluate medication/prescription orders, conduct interviews with customers and/or their caregivers, consult with other health care professionals and insurance providers, and dispense medications.
          Supervise, coordinate and check work performed by pharmacy technicians.
          Ensure that professional standards, regulations, laws, and applicable guidelines and/or protocols are met.
          Be immunization-certified to administer immunizations/vaccinations such as flu shots and any other vaccine or immunization as listed in the approved 'standing physician orders'.  Obtain their immunization/vaccination certification through the American Pharmacists Association's certified training program.  Following certification, all pharmacists must administer immunizations/vaccinations and must do so in compliance with legal and regulatory standards.
          Must be Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)-certified and obtain CPR certification through an accredited organization."
          Fulfill the pharmaceutical needs of all customers by providing prompt, professional, and courteous service.
          Immediately report ALL prescription errors to the Director of Pharmacy, the Pharmacy Manager, and the Store Manager.  Assist in the completion of the Prescription Quality-Related Event [QRE] form as appropriate.
          Comply with all State & Federal Regulations governing the operation and practice of Pharmacy including but not limited to: Dispensing of prescriptions; Record keeping; Drug recalls; Security; and Sanitation.
          Reflect an appropriate business image to customers and visitors. How you dress, your grooming and personal cleanliness standards all contribute to that image and also to the morale of your fellow associates.  During business hours or whenever representing Harris Teeter, you are expected to present a clean, neat, and tasteful appearance. You are required to always dress and groom yourself according to our Company policy that reflects accepted conservative norms.
          Be reliable and punctual by reporting for work on time and as scheduled. When you are absent or late, it places a burden on other associates and can impact productivity and service. In the rare instances when you cannot avoid being late or are unable to work as scheduled, notify your supervisor or Manager-on-duty two (2) hours in advance of your scheduled start time so that appropriate arrangements can be made.
          Check in vendors according to standards.
          Keep Our Shelves Properly Stocked. Stock product according to standards and in a manner that maximizes sales and minimizes shrink. Achieve and maintain an adequate inventory to supply customer demand while adhering to inventory budgets.
          Adhere to all company policies, procedures, and programs.  Maintain confidentiality of all pertinent information and any other materials or records regarded or designated as "CONFIDENTIAL".
          Achieve thorough knowledge of trade area, customers and competition.  Inform the Pharmacy Manager and Store Manager of any opportunities that may enhance our image and promote additional sales.
          Stay informed of all operational and procedural changes relating to the Pharmacy, and ensure that all appropriate staff members are also informed.
          Suggest new, creative and innovative ideas to improve the operation and results of the Pharmacy or Store.
          Pursue opportunities to become involved or participate in community activities, health fairs, etc., with the approval of Store, Regional or Corporate Management.
          Ensure that Third party adjudication results in a positive profit margin.
          Check merchandising displays regularly to ensure the availability of advertised items and/or samples. Prepare, display, and offer daily samples according to standards.
          Inform management of the lack of advertised items and/or samples, incorrect prices, missing signs, departmental changes, and/or other situations as appropriate.
          Sell Only Fresh Products. Follow Harris Teeter standards regarding product preparation, merchandising, rotation, dating, and markdown standards and guidelines.
          Keep Our Stores Clean. Comply with Health Department standards, regulations, and requirements.  Follow Harris Teeter sanitation standards and procedures. Keep counters and drug contact surfaces clean at all times, refrigerator glass & windows wiped, floors swept and mopped, garbage emptied, displays well merchandised and neat.
          Communicate in English with customers and fellow associates regarding requests, current sales promotions, marketing campaigns, and essential products. When a customer asks where a product is located, take the customer to the product.
          Be knowledgeable of and perform fixed activities when business is light. (i.e. sweeping, cleaning, blocking, straightening, etc.)
          Answer telephones by saying "Harris Teeter Pharmacy [store name], this is [name], may I help you?" and provide requested information in a polite and professional manner.  Respond back to people on "hold" in a timely manner.
          Understand the overall Pharmacy Department operation. Complete paperwork accurately and maintain proper records.
          Follow all safety regulations and help keep the store free of dangerous situations. Immediately inform store management of all accidents and/or safety hazards. Record accidents and safety hazards in the designated log.
          Ensure that chemicals are handled, mixed, and applied according to directions and in compliance to the Hazard Communication Program Manual.
          Adapt to various situations and adjust to shifting priorities. Be flexible and able to perform multiple tasks. Balance taking direction with taking initiative and demonstrate the flexibility required to accomplish the duties of the entire shift.
          Provide assistance to fellow associates to complete daily tasks.
          Establish a working and shopping environment of trust, respect, and integrity.
          Take Excellent Care Of Your Fellow Associates. Be a team player. Support and assist your fellow associates without complaint. Be open to new ideas and opportunities. Follow through with any special requests or recommendations from management. Practice positive associate relations.  Be sensitive to the needs and concerns of all associates and treat them in a fair and consistent manner while fostering trust, respect, and integrity throughout the company.
          Comply with Company standards, policies, and procedures.
          Perform essential job functions throughout scheduled hours.
          Manage the department as to maximize gross profit and minimize operating expenses. Be knowledgeable of department and store sales and profit objectives.
          Review and analyze all financial reports and data. Make timely and effective decisions based on this analysis. Forecast sales and sales per labor hour for upcoming week and effectively schedule associates. Assign duties to associates.
          Monitor and analyze sales and labor hours used on a daily and weekly basis. Make timely and effective decisions based on this analysis.
          Perform duties of all direct reports when appropriate.
          Maintain overall department conditions to meet Harris Teeter Standards.
          Order product to minimize out-of-stocks and maintain designated inventory levels.  Ensure that items listed on the order register are actually received.  Secure credits when appropriate.
          Listen to both customer and associate complaints, and resolve problems to restore and promote good public relations.
          Ensure that the Pharmacy department's inventory levels support the customers' requests and their Rx needs. Ensure the accuracy of the inventory and invoice check-in processes. Correctly conduct period inventories according to standards and established procedures.
          Promote the efficient operations of the store following the procedures detailed in Harris Teeter's Pharmacy Reference manual.
          Record and follow up on any in-store maintenance. Ensure that situations are resolved and not recurring problems.
          Execute approved department opening and closing procedures and ensuring that all operational standards are met.
          Ensure all associates receive appropriate break and meal periods.
          Ensure new Pharmacy associates are properly oriented to your department and understand their benefits package. Professionally communicate expectations to associates and ensure they are properly trained to perform their jobs. Encourage and make time for cross training.
          Maintain integrity in the Job Posting system by following the policy and by ensuring that all new associates are aware of the process.
          Convey timely information to the associates regarding current promotions and marketing campaigns. Explain to associates why changes were made in operating procedures.
          Have a working knowledge of the mission and goals of your department, your store, and your Company. Discuss these with your associates on a daily basis.
          Keep your promises to customers and fellow associates. Respond to questions in a timely and proper manner.
          Ask for the opinion and suggestions of your associates where appropriate. Encourage associates to make suggestions for process improvements. Ensure they receive recognition for their ideas.
          Recognize exemplary job performance. Acknowledge positive job performance daily. Fairly evaluate associates' performance on their evaluations.
          Address performance problems or record associates' out of the ordinary behavior when it occurs, using the Constructive Advice forms. Discuss behavior and possible corrective action with associates to create an action plan according to prescribed procedure. Sign off on the documents with those associates involved and submit to regional staff for review.

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