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Program Manager

Abilities Inc
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
Full-time, Part-time
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Job Description

Program Manager Job Description/Salary Agreement

Abilities, Inc. introduces you to the position of Program Manager. Program Managers are members of Abilities, Inc. management team. They will take pride in their position and present themselves in a professional manner at all times. Program Managers will be a positive reflection on what Abilities, Inc. represents. The position of Program Manager is challenging, yet rewarding. Below is a summary of all of the requirements and responsibilities that have been tailored for your position.


· Bachelor's Degree or Associates Degree in related field or WALA assisted living

Administrator certification.

Managerial Experience

· Valid Wisconsin Driver's License

· Criminal Background Check

· Agreement to Abilities, Inc. Non-Competition Agreement

· Agreement to Abilities, Inc. Moonlighting Policy

· Agreement to Abilities, Inc. Confidential & Proprietary Information Policy

· Agreement to Abilities, Inc. Management Team Member Code of Ethics

Managerial Procedures/Employee Policies:

Ø Ensure quality care and services are provided to the clients we serve.

Ø Completion of Petty Cash and Programming Procedures. Submitting biweekly to Tracey Hansen.

Ø Completion of Resident Personal Funds. Logging Receipts into ECP.

Ø Complete and audit monthly CRS notes and submit to Jefferson County Carol Harold by the first of each month

Ø Complete behavior tracking logs and submitted to the correct care manager by the 5th of each month

Ø Complete monthly in and outs to be handed in to Administration on the 15th and last day of the month. (email excel spreadsheet)

Ø Careful monitoring of employees hours on ADP, while recognizing unnecessary hours worked, attendance, while using the ADP system to audit hours worked. Manager will work to ensure that staff does not exceed 16 hours of overtime per pay period without administration approval.

Ø Handling of Employee Switches and Back-up hours to ensure appropriate staffing needs.

Ø Communication of Facility Maintenance and Transportation Request form or email to Tracey Hansen

Ø Supervision of all employees, with reference to Employee Policy and Procedure Manual Progressive Disciplinary action towards an employee will be done by the Manager. Caregiver Misconducts and Terminations will be handled by administration.

Ø Scheduling and preparation for monthly staff meetings. Documenting with Staff signature kept in Licensure Binder.

Ø Completion of Staff Orientation and Training and orientation worksheet. This will include following staff CEU completion on an annual basis.

Ø Communicate with Employees regarding their performance, and monitor their attendance. Documented in ECP and turned in to the Office Manager at the anniversary dates. This includes annual and 90 day training reviews.

Ø Monitoring of staff charting on all residents. Manager will note behavioral changes and report to care teams and psychiatrist in a timely manner.

Ø Scheduling of employees on whentowork/ADP website as required. This is to be completed by the 21st of the previous month.

Ø Give Weekly report of developments at your facility. This report should take place prior to the weekend backup in your ECP portal. This will be accessible to all administration

Ø Any reasonable duty requested by Administration

Ø Attend all management meetings and complete all tasks assigned within the period requested.

Ø Participation in the weekend backup rotation. It will be required that you complete your turn in the rotation one time per month or less as the rotation allows. This will include weekly attendance to the backup meetings.

Ø Managers will report all Workman's Comp claims and complete the first report of incident regarding the accident within 24 hours to the office manager or administration. All work comp injuries are called into SFM, you must report onsite when there is a work comp injury.

State/County/MCO Compliance:

Ø Ensure appropriate communication regarding care and treatment. This includes communication with Administration, Legal Guardians, and Case Managers. This should include unusual incidents of either medical, behavioral, or social types. Incidents should be communicated in a timely manner (within 24 hours or immediate when hospitalization occurs).

Ø MCO, DHS or county notification for police involvement, elopement (if not their own guardian), admission to the hospital, peer-to-peer altercation resulting in medical attention and Injury of unknown source.

Ø Ensure proper completion of all required documentation (Medication Administration Records, Progress Notes, Incident Reports, Incident report investigations, Fall reports, Fall report investigations, Seizure reports, seizure logs Schedule 2's, etc.) Completion of all forms on ECP.

Ø Facilitation of all clients as needed doctor appointments (labs, dental, OT, PT, ST, Optical, and minor physical ailments) podiatry.

Ø Ensure medication orders are filled accurately and MARs are consistent with appropriate orders, as well. This is to be done during monthly fills and during prescription of new medication.

Ø Coordinate Scheduling of Annual Physicals, Quarterly Psychiatry, and any major physical ailments

Ø Monthly fire Drills and fire reports to DHS following any fire emergencies. Including a sleep simulated fire drill completed annually.

Ø Quarterly tornado or evacuation emergency drills.

Ø Ensure completion of Alarm Inspections (Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually)

Ø Timely completion of all Accident/Incident Reports, and communication with Administration

Ø Monitor PRN medication for expiration

Ø Maintain a clean, safe facility.

Ø Observe and follow ISPs and facilitate employee adherence to them.

Ø Ensure that clients are offered activities consistent with ISP and State Regulations. Ensure this is posted in common area.

Ø Observation of all HFS 83 Standards with Completion of Monthly Survey Checklist and filing of monthly paperwork.

Ø Psychotropic PRN monitoring forms to be done in coordination with the RN monthly

Ø Menu building for your home. Specific to client's dietary concerns and to clients wants. A client request list will be completed monthly, attached to the menu, and saved for 60 days in the compliance binder.

Ø Completion and implementation of Monthly activity calendar in the AFH, CBRF or Apartment building. Delegation to a responsible staff is allowed as long as the manager assures completion.

Ø Managers are required to complete all CEU's on an annual basis.

Ø Manager will participate in all DHS on site visits. Managers will report from the DHS surveyor to administration and participate in the completion of the plan of correction from any SOD from the state.

I reviewed the above job description/agreement. I understand the content, and I accept the responsibilities. This is an at will position.

_________________________________ __________

_________________________________ __________

Abilities, Inc. Date


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