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    ASP.NET Core gRPC Developer Remote

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    Job Description

    Stefanini is hiring for AE Capital. THIS IS A 100% REMOTE OPPORTUNITY AE Capital is an algorithmic hedge fund that has been operating for nearly 10 years with numerous industry awards. The core team is based in Melbourne, Australia with production systems running out of London, UK. The project is the development of mission critical back end services as part of a financial trading platform focused on back, middle, and front office trading functions in Foreign Exchange (Spot, NDF, Forwards) and exchange traded Futures. The platform trades on over 25 exchanges globally and is collocated into the core of the world's capital markets. Executive Summary  10-year-old company rebuilding their back-end core trading technology from scratch  Recruitment will be based on both the character and capability of the individual  Back-end finance domain experts will be FIX and C++ or Java specialists, historically  We have chosen to rebuild using a modern ASP.NET Core gRPC framework  Hence, while we are ideally looking for expertise in both finance and ASP.NET Core gRPC, we accept this may not be possible and thus seek a finance expert willing to learn ASP.NET Core gRPC  We will consider ASP.NET Core gRPC experts, so long as they have direct experience in mission critical, high throughput systems.  Long-term view (3+yrs) to help achieve an MVP, then 24/5 support of the MVP and further development of the MVP into a fully functional trading platform. Recruitment Brief Character AE Capital believes the right person will be able to learn much of what we do, so we seek likeminded people who:  Are passionate and excited  are loyal  are hard working  have a thirst for knowledge and try to solve one's own problems  focus on the detail and correctness of their work  and are dedicated to get the job done Capabilities There are three main spheres of knowledge that AE Capital developers require. Ideal candidates will be interested and have knowledge in all three. Financial Markets System Architecture Infrastructure Spot Fx trading Fx NDFs trading Futures trading Market Data Order Routing FIX protocol C++/Java Historically DR/BCP in mission critical applications High throughput low-latency systems ASP.NET Core .NET Core 3.1 gRPC SignalR SOAP REST Bootstrap Ubuntu 18.04 VPN VMs Cisco ASA AWS LDAP Condor Windows workstations  We highlight two areas of technical experience that would indicate likely experience we are seeking, FIX and ASP.NET Core gRPC.  Historically, high throughput back end financial market systems were built in C++ and Java and communicate using the FIX protocol  We have adopted a modern ASP.NET Core gRPC framework using FIX, Soap and REST to communicate with external entities  We note that financial domain knowledge is still our core requirement and thus highlight the FIX protocol. We expect these experts might not have ASP.NET Core gRPC experience but can learn it easily enough.  We will consider ASP.NET Core gRPC experts, so long as they have direct experience in mission critical, high throughput systems.
    Posting ID: 566475037Posted: 2020-08-07

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