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    Optometry Technician

    Confidential Client
    Folsom, CA 95630
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    Job Description

    Job Description


    Qualification Requirements

    All Temporary/Relief Optometrists assigned to CDCR must have the minimum experience outlined below:

    1. Twelve (12) continuous months of experience within the last three (3) years performing services similar in scope to those defined herein in a public or private institution. Internship does not count towards the required experience.

    2. Possess and maintain while performing services for the CDCR a current and valid license issued by the State of California, Board of Optometry in order to perform services in the State of California.

    3. Any Temporary/Relief Optometrists providing services through this Agreement must be proficient in the English language and be able to communicate effectively with the CDCR/CCHCS. All Temporary/Relief Optometrists must be able to speak, understand oral and written communication and write effectively in the English language. Any Temporary/Relief Optometrist who fails to meet the minimum qualifications shall not be permitted to perform services.

    Service Delivery Requirements

     Under the direction of the Institution/Facility CEO/CME or designee, the Temporary/Relief Optometrist shall provide services as permitted within the scope of practice of the Optometrist and in accordance with Institution/Facility policies and procedures. The duties of the Temporary/Relief Optometrist shall include, but are not limited to, the following requirements:

    a. Temporary/Relief Optometrist shall ensure that all ordered Optometry services will be scheduled consistent with the Optometry need. Once scheduled, service shall be delivered at the time scheduled unless unavoidable circumstances occur;

    b. Temporary/Relief Optometrist will provide examination, diagnosis, treatment, prescription information, and simple repairs only, in accordance with Business and Professions Code §3041 et al;

    c. Temporary/Relief Optometrist will refer, upon approval of the Institution/Facility CEO/CME or designee, patient/youth for consultation, diagnosis, treatment(s), and/or surgery to CDCR/CCHCS contract physicians and/or healthcare facilities, Medical/surgical emergencies where contract provider(s) are not immediately available are exempt;

    d. Temporary/Relief Optometrist shall maintain continuity of all work performed from start to finish;

    e. Temporary/Relief Optometrist shall provide Optometry visual services and diagnoses and treatment for the following specific conditions: allergies, infectious diseases, and non-systematic inflammations of the conjunctiva, using diagnostic agents and topical products; e.g., miotics, lubricants, non-steroidal anti-allergy agents, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, antibiotic agents, and hyperosmotics, in accordance with Chapter 7 of the Business and Professional Code and National Standards, and;

    (1) Optometry services shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

    (a). Complete Optometry/Optometric evaluation/diagnostic assessment.



    1. Preliminary Testing

    a. Visual Acuity, History, Visual Field Services with appropriate diagnostic equipment

    b. Cover Test at 20' and 16'

    c. NearPointConvergence

    d. Rotations

    e. Pupils

    f. Tonometry (equipment and supplies provided by Institution).


    2. Ophthalmoscopy (undilated)


    3. Refraction

    a. Retinoscopy

    b. Subjective

    c. Muscle Balance

    d. Near Point Add

    e. PD and Segment Height Measurement



    1. Anterior Segment Exam

    2. Glaucoma Evaluation; e.g., Tonometry and Ophthalmoscopy (perform monitoring of glaucoma patients)

    3. Retinal Disease Evaluation



    1. Recheck

    a. Verification of prescription

    b. If an error in the prescription is found, Temporary/Relief Optometrist will redo refraction


    2. Mechanical Adjustments & Repair (Institution/Facility will supply replacement materials)

     a. Fittings

    b. Adjustment of frames

    c. Simple repair (e.g., replacing lenses into frames, replace nose pad, etc.)

    (b) Optometry examination and writing/issuance of prescription;

    (c) Optometric treatment such as medication, face-to-face therapy, including ocular health examination of diabetic patient/youth (dilate Fundoscopy and recommendations for referral to retinal specialist when indicated);

    (d) Development of an individual treatment plan and coordination of professional and para-professional services (includes frame selection, dispensing and fitting of corrective lenses and/or contact lenses when medically necessary and approved by the Institution/Facility CEO/CME or designee);

     (e) Ongoing evaluation and prognostication;.

    (f) Provide ophthalmic referrals when professionally indicated;.

     (g) Emergency ocular services for trauma or systemic disease including coordination of treatment plan with staff physicians, but only during clinic hours;

    (h) Follow-up services.

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