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Snagajob Shifts Playbook

We’re in this together. When you’re hired as a Shift Worker, you become a key part of our team. You rely on us to help you find the shifts you need to make your life possible. And we rely on you to fill shifts for our businesses. So this is where we promise to help each other out.

Our promise to you

We have your back. Plain and simple, we promise to support you.

We’re committed to giving you real time support. We always want to discuss your comments, concerns, or suggestions. And we’re here for all the highs and lows—we want you to know when you’ve done a great job.

We’re your ally. If you don’t like working somewhere (for whatever reason), we won’t ever send you back.

We’re here to help you succeed. If you love working for a particular business or location and decide to work there full-time, you can still pick up other shifts if you have the time.

Your promise to us

In return, we expect that you’ll bring your A-game. That’s your promise to us.
Here’s how you can do that:

Be positive and proactive. Have a can-do attitude, treat others with respect and always ask what else you can do.

Show up on-time, every time. That means getting to work early enough to get your uniform on, put your stuff away and do whatever else you need to take care of before your shift’s scheduled start time.

Do what you say you’ll do. Show up for your shifts. If you’re going to be late, let the manager know ahead of time. If you need to cancel a shift, make sure give at least 48 hours notice.
Dress for the job. We’ll let you know what the uniform is and make sure you have whatever company-specific clothes they require, plus we’ll let you know what the business expects (like tucked in shirts, or a certain color of pants). If you’re wondering if something is okay, just ask us.
Put your phone away. Once you’ve arrived and clocked in to work, you’ll be busy working your shift. Save screen time for your break.

Use sound judgement. Don’t steal. Giving unauthorized discounts or free merchandise is stealing. Don’t show up to work under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. Don’t do anything that will hurt the Shift by Snagajob brand or the business you’re working for—this includes posting negative things about the business on social media. We have your back. If something went down that upset you, come talk to us first. We’ll help you sort it out.

Remember, the Shifts promise goes both ways. Not holding up your end has consequences—from disciplinary actions (like strikes or even removal from the network). By accepting Snagajob Shifts, you’re telling us that you read, understand and agree to our expectations. And in turn, we’re standing behind our commitment to you. Let’s do this.

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