After Your Shift

Regardless of the reason you were sent home early, please submit accurate hours reflecting the time you worked.

Whether or not you’re paid for the original shift length depends on the reason for early dismissal.

  • You’ll be paid for the FULL original shift length if a manager sent you home early based on factors unrelated to your conduct and/or performance, such as the following:
    • Job completed early
    • The business is sufficiently staffed
    • Business is slower than anticipated
    • A manager made a shift request by mistake
  • You will be paid ONLY for the hours you worked if you were dismissed early due to:
    • Improper conduct
    • Being unable to perform the job duties communicated in the shift description


Please read this article to learn about a situation in which you left a shift early out of your personal choice.


After your shift, you and the shift manager will rate the experience. If you liked the shift and the manager, give it a thumbs up!

If the shift manager gives you a thumbs down, you can’t pick up shifts at that business again. If you don’t want to work at a business, give a thumbs down and you won’t be matched there again.


We want Snag Workers to have a positive work experience at all of the businesses. Please submit honest feedback. We’ll be reading and keeping tabs! Shift managers will not see feedback you provide directly, and we’ll never attribute feedback shared with businesses to any specific Snag Workers.

When your shift is over, clock out and confirm your hours. Waiting to do this step later could delay your payment for the shift. Once a manager confirms your hours, your pay will be added to your total for that pay cycle.

If payday falls on a bank holiday, workers may experience a delay in payment.

If you get three strikes, your Snag Work account will be placed on a time-out until the issue is resolved. A time-out means you will be unable to use Snag Work to pick up new shifts. We will also reserve the right to remove you from any upcoming shifts you have coming up in the next 72 hours (3 days).

After you’ve been notified of reaching three strikes, you have a 72-hour (3-day) window to provide an explanation to Snag Work before we proceed with a disciplinary review. Disciplinary reviews carry consequences up to, and including, a 14-day suspension or deactivation from the Snag Work network.

We’re willing to listen and take into account the circumstances surrounding any incident that resulted in strikes. Please be proactive in communicating any explanations or relevant documentation to the Snag Work team as soon as possible to remain active in our network.

Examples of relevant documentation include:

  • hospital stay paperwork
  • doctor’s note
  • accident report
  • police report


You can communicate with the Snag Work team about strike(s) by:

Your Snag Work account: If you were reported as a no-show through the Snag Work platform by the manager on duty for your shift, you can use the Snag Work platform to explain what happened and upload any relevant documentation relating to the no-show.

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