You should never leave a shift early without getting approval from the manager or a Shifts team member. If you do, you’ll receive an automatic three strikes. 

In most situations, the best thing to do is to try to work the full shift. However, if you do need to leave early, please:

  • Speak to the manager on duty first
  • Ask the manager if one of you can contact your Engagement Manager to try to find a replacement for you.

We expect you to make your best effort to stay until a replacement can be found for you.

If handled appropriately and professionally, leaving early with approval and cooperation from the manager and Snagajob will only result in one strike. We are taking active measures to protect our workers against COVID-19 (coronavirus). Until further notice, we will be removing late drop strikes due to illness. As the situation evolves and we get new information, we may make additional updates to our procedures and will keep you informed.


Please read this article to learn about a situation in which you were dismissed early from a shift.