10 best summer jobs for teachers


Teaching is a unique career. It comes with a lot of hard work and long hours during the school year. You're blessed with a few months of summer vacation to recover.

But let's be real. You're probably writing lesson plans, doing staff development and caring for your family, so it's not really a "vacation!"

We know how busy you are, teacher. But if you have the bandwidth, summer is the perfect time to grab a part-time job. Pay off debt, build up your savings account and earn extra money with a summer job.

10 summer jobs for teachers

Your experience as an educator is valuable. Use your expertise to score any of these ten summer jobs for teachers.


You need people skills to succeed at Uber or Lyft rideshare. As a teacher, you already know how to handle a classroom of 20+ children, so you've got this in the bag.

Rideshare allows you to set your own hours, which is great if you have kids. Most drivers earn about $14/hour.


Freelance writers and businesses are always in need of experienced grammar pros. Put that English degree to good use by editing books, blogs, resumes and more.

If you're itching to work from home for extra money, editing is right for you. You can earn more if you know your way around MLA standards. Average earnings are at $20/hour, although you can earn up to $90/hour if you have experience.


Well, you're a school teacher, after all. Put those teaching skills to work with a tutoring side hustle for the summer.

Parents are looking for experienced tutors to give their children test prep during summer break. They want to hire experienced teachers, which gives you a real leg up on the competition.

This summer job is also flexible: you can tutor online or in the evening hours.

Swim class instruction

Many swim schools operate just for the summer. If you know how to swim and enjoy being around kiddos, offer swim classes at your local community pool.

You'll need to be CPR certified, but you can earn up to $20/hour with this summer job.


Managing a classroom means you’re good at dealing with people. Bartenders not only need to know how to serve drinks but to chat with the customers.

Get TABC certified online and give bartending a try in the summertime. They have flexible shifts during the day or night that fit your schedule. Plus, there's always great conversation and good tips.

Teach English online

Companies like VIPKid connect American teachers with students from across the globe. Because of the time difference, you can tutor English As A Second Language students online in the early morning hours, earn extra cash, and still have the rest of the day to yourself.

Base pay for English tutoring is around $14 – $18/hour, making it a great summer job for teachers.


This summer job is more of a passive gig, but it's a perfect way to earn cash if you don’t have a lot of extra time.

Rent out your home or spare bedroom on Airbnb. If you live in an area where parking is hard to come by, you can rent your driveway on JustPark. You can even rent out your pool or car!


You don't need to leave your home to find the perfect summer job as a teacher. Work remotely on your own time by becoming a transcriptionist.

Companies and podcasts need help transcribing audio to text. Most transcriptionists earn about $1 per minute or $60 per one-hour audio piece.


Use your spare time to stop by the thrift store or flea market. Fix up or flip items to sell on Facebook Marketplace or eBay. This is the perfect summer job for teachers who like to craft and get their hands dirty.

Dumpster diving is an option if you're brave! Just check city regulations before you start.

Tour guides

Do you live in a big town famous for its views and attractions? Put your local knowledge and public speaking skills to use by becoming a summer tour guide.

You can work with a travel company or set up your own tour through Airbnb Experiences.

Bulk up your bank account

Summer is a welcome break for busy teachers. But if you want to stay sharp during the summer months while beefing up your bank account, these ten summer jobs are right up your alley.


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