Best places to get a summer job


The sun's out and it's time to stack cash with a summer job!

We know summer jobs have a reputation for being low-paying and boring. But who says your summer job has to be like that?

10 places to score a summer job

If you want a perfect summer job that pays well, treats you right and gives you nice perks, apply to the right places.

Here are our 10 picks for the best places to get a summer job. You'll beef up your bank account, make new friends and actually enjoy going to work every day. Check for job postings at these 10 companies to score the best seasonal job for summer.

Home improvement stores

Summer is the most popular time for home improvement projects. Home improvement stores like Lowe's and Home Depot need extra staff during the summer when more people flock to their stores.

This gig usually runs from March to September. Home improvement stores need summer help with stockers, cashiers and customer service. You don't need knowledge of tools or construction to succeed here; you'll learn on the job as a team member.

If you like quarterly bonuses and need perks like early access to clearance items or dental and prescription drug insurance, home improvement stores are right for you.


Okay, hear us out on this one. We know food service sounds lame, but McDonald’s is actually a great place to work for a seasonal position.

McDonald's needs more workers in the summer because school's out and they get more business.

The fast-food chain hires people aged 16 and older. But if you've never slung fries before, don't worry. McDonald's is a great place to get work experience and training, so it's perfect for newbies.

Plus, if you come to work with a good attitude and work ethic, McDonald's will give you a lot of opportunities for advancement. Their management training program will make you a better manager at any job outside of McDonald's.

Other perks like free food and flexible hours make McDonald's a shoo-in summer job, despite the unfair "do you want fries with that?" stigma.

Theme parks

When the weather warms up, people want to go outside. In fact, many theme parks are only open during the summer for that reason.

Theme parks need seasonal workers to help their customers. Get access to free food, park tickets and make friends at the theme park. You can either work part-time or full-time depending on your schedule.

There are plenty of jobs at the theme park, including concessions, ticket sales, entertainment and rides. Some parks even have internship programs that you can put on your resume.


Yes, the online retail giant is hiring teens and college students for the summer!

Amazon has plenty of opportunities for high school and college grads. They offer career development programs if you aren't sure what you want to do with your life after graduation. Their flexible hours means you get to have a life outside of your summer job, which is a big win.

Amazon is also fighting to pay their employees $15/hour, which means it pays a lot more than many summer jobs.


Costco is famous for treating its employees well. If a sense of community is important to you, Costco is the perfect summer job.

Plus, part-time employees are eligible for benefits. It's perfect if you need insurance gap coverage while you're in college. You also get discounts on Costco products as well as the pharmacy and vision center.

Costco also believes in paying its workers a living wage, which means you'll beef up your bank account in no time.


Bank chains like Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America hire people over 18 years of age to work as tellers. And don't worry--they'll teach you everything you need to know to crush it at your job.

Banks are great because they're air-conditioned, give you a predictable schedule and pay around $13/hour. Not bad, eh?


Got an itch to get outdoors? Perfect! You should work as a retail associate at REI.

The outdoor gear co-op is known for its laid-back, adventurous culture. In addition to a sick employee discount, you'll also get incentive bonuses, profit sharing, professional development and even tuition assistance.


Learn how to make amazing coffee drinks and work in a relaxed environment at Starbucks. You can also score plenty of hours here with a flexible schedule.

In addition to free drinks and discounts on merch, Starbucks has a great part-time benefits plan. The downside is that you need to work there for three months to be eligible.

If you like working at Starbucks and want to pick up a few shifts during the semester, it could be worth benefits like emergency financial assistance, tuition reimbursement and vacation.

Barnes & Noble

Do you prefer working indoors with air conditioning this summer? We don't blame you.

A summer job at Barnes & Noble is perfect for bookworms who love working with people. Barnes & Noble pays an average of $10/hour and gives you a steep discount on all purchases. This is a perfect way to get discounted textbooks for next semester!


The Designer Shoe Warehouse is the perfect summer gig for people-oriented fashionistas.

Sales associates can earn up to $14/hour and you get a 30% discount on all DSW merch.

Oh, and seasonal employees can also get in on the DSW retirement plan, commuter account, perks like gyms and cell phones and more.

The best summer job for you

You don't need to grind away at a summer job. Find a part-time summer job that is more than a job: get a position that's right for your personality and that pays well.

The good news is that these jobs aren't hard to find! You just have to look in the right places. Start with these 10 companies to find the best summer job for you.

Not sure what summer job to go after? We've got you covered. Take this quick quiz to see what summer job is right for you.


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