Highest paying summer jobs


You have a limited amount of time in the summer. You want to spend some of that time relaxing, but you know it's also a good opportunity to bring in extra money.

Make the most of the summer before next semester. Find the highest-paying hourly job possible to make more money while you’re on the clock.

Check out our top picks for the highest-paying summer jobs for college students and teens. No special degree or experience is required for these part-time jobs!

The 8 best-paying summer jobs


Tutoring is in high demand during the summer, believe it or not. Parents request summer tutoring for test prep and to keep their kids sharp in between semesters.

The national average for tutoring is $20/hour. But if you have a lot of experience, you can charge up to $40/hour.

Find tutoring gigs by letting your teachers know. Sign up on tutoring sites, distribute flyers at the library, and post ads on Nextdoor.

Who knows? Maybe you can turn this into a full-time gig with enough summertime clients.


The word "labor" makes this seasonal job sound hard, but hear us out. Construction crews make good money. In fact, you can earn up to $20/hour on a construction crew. It certainly beats minimum wage.

There's a big demand for laborers in the summer months when people want to build.

You need to be at least 16 years old to work in construction. Knowledge of power tools and construction will also get you far.

If construction isn't your thing, you can also pick crops if you live near a farm. This gig is perfect for high school students or college kids looking to get outside and earn a little cash.

Dog walking

Most people think of their dogs like family. Dog walkers are in high demand because they keep people's dogs comfortable and happy when they're away from home.

Diligent dog walkers can earn up to $1,000/mo with apps like Rover. You could earn more than that if you become an overnight pet sitter.

Teach English

You don't need to have an English degree to teach English. You just need a willingness to help others, a decent grasp of the English language and good people skills.

Services like VIPKid teach English to children overseas. American teachers are in high demand for this service, where you can earn up to $18/hour or more.

Plus, they give you the curriculum and you can work on a morning or night schedule. Earn extra cash by waking up a little early to tutor kids across the ocean.

Become a virtual assistant (VA)

You do need to be 18 to become a virtual assistant or VA. Work a few hours each week from your laptop to help businesses with emails, meetings, social media and note-taking.

You could easily fetch $30/hour with this gig, depending on your skills. All you need is a computer, internet connection and cheery disposition.

National Park Service

But hey, if working inside isn't for you, there are other high-paying summer jobs where you get to be outside. You can earn up to $18/hour with the National Park Service.

The National Park Service needs summer workers to care for their parks. They have more visitors during the summer months and need workers both in the field and office to keep the place shipshape.

Event planning

Summer is a popular time for weddings and graduation parties. Most event planners need an extra pair of hands for event transport or setup.

Earn $10-$15/hour and put your crafting skills to the test. If you're thinking about a career in event planning, this is a great entry-level job.


The TaskRabbit app is a place where you can do odd jobs around town. You can earn up to $2,000/mo, or $6,000 at the end of the summer. Not bad, huh?

You choose the types of jobs you want to do on TaskRabbit. Most people use it for deliveries, but you can also sign up to assemble IKEA furniture or pack boxes.

Make bank this summer

Minimum wage jobs are alright, but you could earn a lot more with these eight high-paying summer jobs. Put more money in savings and make the most of your summer with a good-paying job.

Not sure how to actually get that summer job? Follow these tips to make your summer job hunt a lot easier.

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