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You simply cannot get closer to your target audience than Snagajob Ad Smart, and here’s why:

Snagajob is home to all kinds of people, most are employed

We have more than 40 million members who tell us all about themselves during registration, so we know for sure just how diverse they are. Our audience is made up of students, young adults, females, Hispanics, African-Americans, seniors and others. About 80 percent of our audience comes to Snagajob.com already employed to look for a better opportunity. Because Snagajob has proven to be a fertile ground for advertisers, they’re able to discover so much more.

It’s a rare thing, targeting based on self-reported information

Our members reveal things during registration that companies always wished they could know for sure about an audience before they commit to spending advertising dollars. We have self-reported industry interest, household income, education, ethnicity, ZIP code, age and gender, and much more information that makes targeting on Snagajob easy and effective, no matter how granular you want to get.


Unique visits 3,959,247
Avg. daily visitors 266,165
Page views 79,304
Total minutes 50,199
Visits 9,554,751
Minutes per visitor 5.3
Visits per visitor 2.4
Source: comScore Media Metrix