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Hourly Hiring Trends

Our Summer 2022 Hourly Hiring Report offers insights into the tightest labor market in recent history. Plus, what you need to know to beat the odds.


Mathieu Stevenson |

Job Market Recap: Top 5 Takeaways from May 2022

Your monthly roundup of US hiring news and job trends, courtesy of Snagajob CEO Mathieu Stevenson.

Mathieu Stevenson |

The Impact of Today's Job Market on Summer Hiring

Summer Hiring for Hourly Employers 2022

Darrell Jones |

How are increasing fuel prices impacting Small Businesses?

As is the case with most financial strains, the fuel price surge is hitting small businesses hard.

Tom Quinn |

Minimum wages inch higher, as employers look to address bare-bones labor supply 

Weekly Hourly Hiring Report 5/18/2022

Mathieu Stevenson |

Red-hot job market continues, as US adds another 428,000 jobs in April

Weekly Hourly Hiring Report 5/11/2022

Mathieu Stevenson |

What will summer 2022 be like for small businesses?

After two years of surviving the pandemic, are summer businesses ready for a busy summer?

Tom Quinn |

US economy expected to recoup 100% of job losses during Pandemic by end of August 

Weekly Hourly Hiring Report 5/4/22

Mathieu Stevenson |

Economic recovery continues, plus insights on hiring teens and other first-time workers. 

Weekly Hourly Hiring Report 4/27/2022

Mathieu Stevenson |

Everything You Need to Know About National Small Business Week

If you own a small business, you should know all about National Small Business Week, so you can enjoy and leverage the week!

Tom Quinn |

How Inflation is Impacting Small Businesses

Right now, inflation is one of the biggest concerns for small business owners across the country. It’s no surprise: inflation is rising at the fastest rate since the 1980s and it’s impacting every aspect of commercial life.

Tom Quinn |

Hiring Trends: Workers 

Weekly Hourly Hiring Report 4/20/2022

Mathieu Stevenson |