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Weekly Hourly Hiring Report 1/12/22

How COVID-19 and the Omicron variant is affecting hourly work

Mathieu Stevenson |

Need to Hire Full Time? Start Your Search with Seasonal Workers

Seasonal workers often make the best full-time employees. They understand your small business and can immediately contribute to your success.

How to find a great catering manager for your small business

After the holiday season, many businesses cut ties with their catering managers. Which means the next few months is practically free agency for you to find your next great catering manager. Here are some tips for finding one.

Spot the difference: Black Friday 2021 vs Black Friday 2020

Black Friday may not be an official holiday. But, for better or worse, it’s become one of the most important days of the year. This is especially true if you are a small business owner!

Weekly Hourly Hiring Report 11/16/2021

Mathieu Stevenson |

Weekly Hourly Hiring Report 11/2/2021

Mathieu Stevenson |

Why small businesses need a standard operating procedure

When you run a small business, it’s easy to take a day-to-day approach. But this can result in a chaotic business, one that simply leaps from one problem to another. A standard operating procedure, can help reduce problems & enhance overall efficiency.

What to do if your business is denied a PPP loan

Many small businesses have applied for a PPP loan during the pandemic. But a surprising amount have been denied. This article will help you figure out what you can do if you're denied, as well as give some background on PPP loans in general.

Weekly Hourly Hiring Report 10/26/21

Mathieu Stevenson |