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Our audience represents serious collective purchasing power. A vast majority are employed. All of them are computer savvy (or they wouldn’t be on Snagajob). And a great many of them also are using Snagajob to learn about and buy consumer goods and services. Take a look at our Quarterly updates to see the supporting ComScore data.

Our audience is large and diverse. They are:


About 80 percent of our audience comes to Snagajob.com employed. Most are here to look for a better employment opportunity or to supplement their income. Visitors average nine minutes on our site per visit and generate tens of thousands of leads for our advertisers every month.


Students spend almost $500 monthly on everyday items, according to research. They’re savvy shoppers and key purchasing decision makers. ComScore data shows a third of Snagajob members are college educated and most are pursuing their education either part or full time.

Young Adults

Generation Y is the most tech-savvy generation yet, so it’s no surprise Gen Yers predominate the Snagajob audience, according to ComScore data. At 60 million strong, Gen Yers are expected to fuel the shopping growth needed to spur an economic recovery.


Women have been called the “rocket fuel of ecommerce.” ComScore data shows two-thirds of Snagajob’s audience is female. Not surprisingly, females are on Snagajob to do much more than job search – they’re connecting with other seekers and engaging with advertisers, as well.


The buying power of Hispanics is estimated at $1.2 trillion a year and expected to rise. ComScore data shows Hispanics represent about 10 percent of Snagajob’s membership and 12 percent of our audience. Each month we reach about 600,000 Hispanics across the top DMAs.

African American

According to Nielsen, the buying power of African-Americans is projected to be at $1.1 trillion by 2015. This group over-indexes in key categories and exerts a large influence on popular culture and trends. ComScore data reveals they’re represented on Snagajob in large numbers.


Almost five million adults of retirement age are continuing to work, according to Scarborough Research. ComScore data shows Snagajob members ages 55+ make up almost a quarter of our audience. The financial profile of this group of consumers reveals robust earning and spending.