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Do you have hiring questions? We have answers!

We’re always looking for new ways to improve The Hourly Insight, a blog devoted to recruiting, hiring and engagement in the hourly marketplace. In our efforts to create great content, we’re always find ourselves wondering what questions employers might have when it comes to finding the hires they need. And that’s when we realized the…


The case for applicants with too much experience

In the current job market, it’s not uncommon to come across an applicant who seems to have too much experience for your open position. An employer might think this applicant could get restless on the job or have trouble taking direction from management. Assumptions like these shouldn’t get in the way of you finding someone…


Quick question about the ACA and employee status

Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act will re-open starting Oct. 7 until Dec. 31, so you still have some time to figure out what healthcare choice will work best for your business and employees. Common questions about the ACA tend to be about how someone qualifies as a certain type of employee and how that…


Hire Millennials with a cause in mind

People are constantly trying to figure out how Millennials make decisions regarding purchase habits, eating habits and more. When it comes to knowing how this generation determines which job is a good fit for them, that’s something folks, especially employers, wish they had a grasp on. By 2020, 80 percent of the hourly workforce will…


Peter’s Take: Connecting people to people

I talk to employers about recruiting almost every day and one of the things I often hear is how they know within the first 30 seconds if someone is likely not a fit. The CEO of a major US bank once shared, “I won’t hire someone who has not smiled in the first 30 seconds.”…


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