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The Challenge

With 13 locations in and around Miami, Dania Management Group, a Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee, was making a lot of hourly hires, but wasn’t maximizing its approach.

“We weren’t conducting applicant assessments or tax credit evaluations because both were manual processes that required significant time and paperwork,” said Ken Privett, president of Dania Management Group. “As a result, the quality of our hires suffered and we weren’t able to capitalize on the thousands of dollars in available state and federal tax credits.”

The Dunkin’ franchise needed a partner who could streamline the hourly hiring process, get better talent in the door and make it easier to capitalize on hiring incentives.

The Solution

In February 2012, Dania Management began using Snagajob’s Talent Management System, Hiring Manager, to implement a more efficient and strategic hiring process.

The franchise immediately tapped into one of Snagajob’s biggest differentiators: built-in talent sourcing and access to more than 35 million job seekers. And Snagajob’s unique location-based posting approach allowed the franchise to post an unlimited number of jobs for each location, which helped build a pipeline of qualified applicants at a low cost per hire.

“Snagajob was able to bring in applicants from their job posting service,” Privett said. “Other software systems would simply assess the walk-in traffic, but we found that those applicants were not of high quality. We’d have had very little to choose from if we didn’t tap into Snagajob’s audience.”

In the first five months of the partnership, Snagajob delivered almost 700 applications for the Dunkin’ franchisee’s open positions. To determine which applicants warranted a closer look, Dania Management relied on Snagajob Assessments, which evaluate an applicant’s behavioral preferences to better predict job performance and indicate which applicants are poised for success.

Dania Management used Snagajob Hiring Manager to keep track of applications received across locations, review applicant qualifications, identify applicants who qualified for tax credits during the application process, and automate the management and submission of tax credit forms.

“The Snagajob solution has made it very easy for my managers to identify applicants who are eligible for tax credits and it completely eliminates the paperwork for them (which they love),” Privett said. “Snagajob’s tax screening partner sends reminders and contacts my managers directly to ensure the forms are processed on time, allowing us to receive the maximum financial benefit.”

Here’s what happened

Forty percent of employees hired by Dania Management now come from Snagajob, and managers are spending less time on the steps in the hiring process and more time evaluating, interviewing and hiring quality applicants to represent the Dunkin’ brand.

In addition, the streamlined tax credit screening process identified more than $24,000 in tax credits for 2012, boosting the franchise’s bottom line.

In Privett’s words: “I recommend Snagajob’s Talent Management System to anyone who operates a quick service restaurant.”