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Sweet P Enterprises (Popeyes)download PDF

The Challenge

Sweet P Enterprises, Inc., a six-location Popeye’s franchise in Arkansas, had a paper hiring process that wasn’t working. Managers had to stop during busy periods to address walk-in applicants, applications weren’t organized for easy review and storage, and managers had to spend a lot of time in the hiring process interviewing the wrong candidates before they found the right ones.

“I needed my managers to spend less time in the hiring process and more time running restaurants,” said Danny Gililland, owner of Sweet P Enterprises, Inc. “At the same time, the staff quality couldn’t suffer either.”

Sweet P needed a way to boost applicant quality, streamline the hiring process and remove the guesswork from making a good hire.

The Solution

Sweet P worked with Snagajob to implement a 100-percent-online process, from recruiting to hiring.

By posting jobs on Snagajob.com, Sweet P was able to tap into Snagajob’s deep talent pool of more than 40 million registered job seekers. And taking the application process online allowed managers to quickly direct walk-in applicants to the online postings without disruption, even during the dinner rush.

Snagajob’s integrated talent management system, Hiring Manager, became the clearinghouse for Sweet P’s hiring process. Hiring Manager funnels completed applications into the system and stores them electronically, gives managers additional insight into applicant fit through built-in behavioral assessments, and keeps tabs on applicants across all six locations through an applicant tracking process.

“The assessments are invaluable to my managers,” Gililland said. “Managers have more insight into the applicants, which allows them to focus only on the most qualified. They’re having to interview fewer people but are still able to hire high-caliber employees.”

Managers were hesitant that abandoning the paper process could work, but from having a better way to address walk-in applicants to keeping applications organized in one place, they quickly saw the value of Snagajob’s solution and now can’t imagine going back.

“My managers love it [Snagajob's solutions] because everything is at their fingertips,” said Gililland. “They don’t have to worry about where applications are stored or where applicants are in the process. All they have to do is go to the site, sign in and the information they need is right there.”

The results

By recruiting from the largest community of hourly job seekers and building behavioral assessments into the application process, Sweet P was able to drastically improve applicant quality, which allowed the franchise to hire employees who have stayed on the job longer.

When Sweet P began working with Snagajob, they had a turnover rate of 262 percent. Five years later, their turnover rate has dropped to 165 percent, a 37 percent decrease.

Gililland also notes that, ” My people are able to be more productive and spend less time in the hiring process, and I attribute that to Snagajob.”