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Employee quitting? No problem with these tips.

There’s nothing better than a happy employee, eager to contribute to the success of your business. On the other hand, an employee who’s ready to quit can be an employer’s worst nightmare. An unexpected exit can leave you scrambling to fill a position or looking to other employees to cover the remaining workload. But alas,…


Hot Summer Jobs: Camp Counselor

Summertime means camp season, and for people who love kids, being a counselor is a great summer job. Many camps will hire back former campers as counselors, but sometimes it’s difficult to put together the perfect team. Camp postings on Snagajob have an increasingly higher applicant rate each year. The application rates for “Camp Counselor”…


Updates with Anne: Rehire Eligibility

Snagajob is always looking for ways to make our products better and your hiring process easier. So every other week,  Anne Winston, Snagajob’s Associate Product Operations Manager, will be sharing the latest product updates with The Hourly Insights’s readers to provide a closer look at the newest changes. How do managers know if a candidate…


Putting your application form to work for you

The job application form is one of the most important tools available for use in the hiring process and yet many companies are still stuck on the same old standardized application form for every new job they post. Thanks to the advent of affordable new software technology like customizable online forms and applicant tracking systems,…


Intern Project: Goodwill Workshop

Part of my intern experience this summer was completing a project with four of my fellow interns. The task was to find an opportunity for Snagajob in the local community. So our first idea was to connect with a local organization that focuses on helping people get jobs, that’s how we came into contact with…


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