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hire minds

Hire Minds recap: Overcoming Hard-to-Hire Markets

This year’s Hire Minds Summit was jam packed with outstanding breakout sessions and speakers. We heard from big and small businesses with hiring managers facing similar challenges. Following this year’s Summit, we’ll be sharing the greatest insights from each session on our Hourly Insight blog for employers. Here’s a recap of the enlightening session, “Overcoming Hard-to-Hire Markets.”…


Here’s a tip for QSRs…

Tipping waiters has always been a customary practice for restaurants outside of the QSR realm. But the tables are starting to turn as a handful of quick-serve brands are beginning to experiment with offering their customers the chance to tip for their service. As technology evolves to accommodate faster and innovative payment methods, it makes…



The pound key became the hashtag and the hashtag became so much more. Beginning as a tool used to easily group Twitter subjects, hashtags have evolved into a powerful form of communication which can bridge the gap between consumers and businesses to create a conversation. Your employees can be a huge brand resource on social…

in your face card

The controversy of payroll cards: What you need to know

A new way of distributing paychecks is on the rise: The payroll card. Employers are making the switch from paper paychecks and direct deposits to company distributed reloadable debit cards. The cards can be used with direct purchases and ATMs — for a fee. The Controversy Payroll cards force employees to pay fees with each…

HM Cube Tiny

Hire Minds Denver- what’s it all about?

Maybe you aren’t familiar with Hire Minds or you don’t understand what all the excitement is about when it comes to heading to Denver. Well, here’s a little Q&A to catch you up and get you signed up so you don’t miss out! What is Hire Minds Denver? Hire Minds Denver is an all day…


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