New name. More opportunities.

April 3, 2018

Once upon a time (okay, it was 2000), finding hourly jobs or workers was all classifieds and going door-to-door. It was tedious, time-consuming and frustrating for everyone involved.

Then, one guy had an idea to help his family’s small business get workers and help his friends looking for hourly summer jobs. Snagajob was born—and we’ve been focused on connecting employers and hourly workers ever since. That hasn’t changed.

What has changed? Everything else. From the technology we use to match workers with jobs, to the way workers want to work in today’s gig economy. PeopleMatter, the leading onboarding platform for hourly work, joined us in 2016, and we launched our Snag Work on-demand platform just after that. We’ve grown into much more than the job board we once were, building a community of 90 million registered hourly workers and 450,000 employer locations.

So we’ve got a new name to show the world that we’re more than just job postings and HR software.

Snagajob is all about people. If you’re a worker, we’re doing everything we can to help you find the right fit. Whether that’s finding a new hourly job or simply picking up an extra shift or two, we’re all about helping you get the work you want. If you’re an employer, we’re giving you the solutions to find the right workers, fill shifts and hire faster so you can get back to your business.

Over the next few months, you’ll see new colors and a new look on our site to go with our new name, but at the heart of it all, we’re still the same mission-driven company we’ve always been. Eighteen years ago, we established our mission to put people in the right-fit position, so they can maximize their potential and live more fulfilling lives—and it’s as true today as it was then. Our vision is to create a world where anyone can get the work or workforce they want, wherever and whenever they want.

We’re excited for the future. And we’re excited to have you with us. Snagajob believes that people are the heart of great businesses. We’re here to champion their progress and propel them forward with tools to find and share work in their community. We look forward to doing that, and more, in the years to come.

Thoughts? Questions? We love to hear from our community. Drop us a line at to let us know what you think.

Peter Harrison

Chief Executive Officer, Snagajob