Overview and benefits


Arby’s is a fast-food restaurant chain that serves sandwiches. It currently has almost 3,500 locations across countries including the United States, Canada, Turkey, Egypt and more. It’s owned by Inspire Brands, which was formerly called the Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. (ARG).

Some of its most popular products include Roast Beef and Beef ‘n Cheddar sandwiches. Arby’s also offers deli-style sandwiches, curly fries and Jamocha shakes. Its Market Fresh line originally included Roast Turkey and Swiss, Roast Ham and Swiss and Roast Chicken Caesar, but it has since added other products and runs limited time offers.


If you’d like to learn more about Arby’s, you can visit its website at https://arbys.com/.

Number of employees

According to statistics from 2013, Arby’s has 74,000 employees.

Date founded

In 1964, Leroy and Forrest Raffel opened the first Arby’s sandwich shop selling roast beef sandwiches, because they wanted to create something different than the popular burger joint. The first franchise location opened just one year later in 1965. However, it wasn’t until a few years later in 1971 when Arby’s was finally able to perfect its roast beef recipe. The same one is used in Arby’s today.

The restaurant opened its 1,000th restaurant in 1980. In 1991, it revamped the menu by adding a line of products that would cater to those looking for lighter options like salads and sandwiches with less than 300 calories.

In 2013, the company decided it was time to rev up its marketing with the new “We Have The Meats” campaign and slogan.

Company mission statement

Arby’s mission statement is “Inspiring Smiles through Delicious Experiences.” The company uses six key principles and values to help them achieve this mission:

  • Dream big

  • Work hard

  • Get it done

  • Play fair

  • Have fun

  • Make a difference.


Arby’s is categorized under the restaurant industry.

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How old do you need to be to work at Arby's?

You must be at least 16 years old to work as a crew member at Arby’s.

Does Arby's require a drug test?

Arby’s reserves the right to drug test employees. However, it’s less likely that you’ll be drug tested when applying for and working in entry-level jobs. If you’re being considered for a promotion, you’ll most likely be drug tested.

How much do Arby's employees make?

A crew member at Arby’s averages $9.22 per hour, with a range of $7.25 per hour to $14.05 per hour. You’ll see a slight increase in pay if you become a shift manager, which averages at $10.87 per hour. However, a substantial increase is seen for general managers who make an average annual salary of $45,386.

What are the requirements to work at Arby's?

Arby’s is always looking for people with experience in customer service, since every position at the company has a chance of impacting its customers’ experience. Arby’s routinely mention qualities such as hardworking, dedicated and honest in its job descriptions.