Overview and benefits


Dunkin’ is known internationally for its bright pink and orange logo, delicious pastry selection and piping hot coffee. As a breakfast-based fast-food store, the franchise offers a wide variety of food items including egg sandwiches, hash browns and breakfast burritos all day long. Aside from food, each Dunkin’ location brews hot coffee and creates a special menu of custom espresso drinks.

Donuts and coffee aren’t the only things that Dunkin’ does well. The restaurant chain is also known as an incredibly enticing place to work, thanks to the emphasis it places on employee advancement. Many employees who begin as crew members advance to other positions such as shift leader or assistant manager and enjoy plenty of benefits and perks.


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Number of Employees

Dunkin’ is an international franchise that has over 11,000 locations in 36 countries across the globe and employs over 150,000 individuals.

Date Founded

Dunkin’ was founded by Bill Rosenberg in 1950 as a coffee shop that specializes in baking the best donuts on the block. In 1955, just five short years later, Dunkin’ became a legal franchise and began to spread across the United States and the world. Today, the brand continues to expand its reach and offerings to attract new customers.

Company Mission Statement

America runs on Dunkin’...everyone knows that. But, Dunkin’ also has a mission to remain loyal to its customers and provide everything they need “from coffee beans to jelly filling” in order to be at their best. 


Dunkin’ is an American and international coffee company that puts up tough competition against other coffee-based companies, such as Starbucks. In recent years, the franchise has set out on a major rebranding campaign, renovating stores and reimagining its menu. The company rebranded from Dunkin’ Donuts to the simple name of Dunkin’, which focuses on coffee and drinks. Many stores operate in conjunction with Baskin-Robbins.

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How old do you need to be to work at Dunkin'?

There are a number of different positions available to entry-level workers at Dunkin’. To obtain any of them, there is a minimum age requirement of 16.

Does Dunkin' require drug tests?

Because Dunkin’ is a franchise, the requirement to take and pass a drug test differs depending on the franchise location.

How much do Dunkin' employees make?

Crew members at Dunkin’ typically earn $9 per hour. There are many opportunities for employees to advance in their position and earn raises with loyalty to the company. Part-time and full-time Dunkin’ employees are also offered many benefit programs in addition to competitive pay, including flexible schedules, discounts, bonuses, healthcare and development opportunities.

What are the requirements to work at Dunkin'?

Opportunities for entry-level positions at Dunkin’ restaurants include crew member, porter and cashier. General manager and supervisor positions have different requirements for employment. The most basic requirements for all positions is that employees must be at least 16 years of age and be able to stand on their feet for an extended period of time.