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Popular among people of all ages for serving up a plethora of pancake options all day long, the International House of Pancakes, also known as IHOP, is one of the most recognizable diners across the United States and the world. Those who frequent the popular restaurant chain can enjoy a short or tall stack of flapjacks almost any way they prefer. With menu features such as apple pie pancakes, cupcake pancakes and chocolate chocolate chip pancakes, there are no rules regarding how a pancake should be eaten. However, pancakes aren’t the only thing IHOP serves up. The restaurant also offers a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items.

Although it might seem like pancakes are the only thing IHOP cares about, its company policies regarding excellence, inclusion and innovation make it an ideal place to work for employees of all backgrounds and franchisees.


To learn more about IHOP jobs and the opportunity to thrive in the restaurant’s inclusive work environment, visit https://www.ihop.com/en.

Number of employees

IHOP highly encourages every person interested in working for the company to explore the values the company upholds to determine what position is right for them before submitting an application. Currently, there are nearly 2,000 IHOP franchises across the country and worldwide with over 30,000 full-time and part-time employees.

Date founded

The International House of Pancakes made its debut in the suburbs of Los Angeles in 1958 when it was founded by Al and Jerry Lapin. Just two years later, the popular restaurant began to offer opportunities for franchises and has been putting smiles on faces and pancakes in people’s bellies ever since. 

Company mission statement

Through its comfort food filled menu and homelike atmosphere, IHOP invites everyone who dines in its restaurants to be themselves and enjoy special moments with family and friends. Although IHOP doesn’t have a traditional mission statement it does want its customers to embrace its philosophy to come as they are, savor every minute, go with the flow, be good to themselves and get breakfast anytime.


IHOP operates in the restaurant franchise industry and is one of the most widely recognized options for breakfast food across the globe. Although the restaurant has specialized in breakfast foods for the past five decades, it has recently branched out and begun to market a newly expanded menu that includes a vast offering of specialty burgers, milkshakes and other lunch/dinner items. 

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Does IHOP require a drug test?

There are no drug tests required as part of the application process at IHOP. However, all individuals who are offered a position are required to take a drug test before they can be considered an official employee.

How much do IHOP employees make?

IHOP restaurants offer a number of different hourly positions including kitchen workers, servers and front of house staff. The average compensation for kitchen workers and front of house staff is minimum wage, while IHOP servers earn approximately $4.00 per hour plus tips.

What are the requirements to work at IHOP?

Besides age, there are no minimum requirements for IHOP employees. The company promotes inclusion, integrity, accountability, community, trust, innovation and excellence making it a wonderful place to work!

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