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Overview Outback Steakhouse is an Australian-themed restaurant that specializes in steaks and other American cuisines. They are also famous for their Bloomin’ Onion, which is a one-pound onion that is breaded and deep-fried. The company is American owned and operated and all the references to Australia are purely for marketing purposes. With over 1,000 locations across 23 countries, Outback is a successful chain that earned $3.88 billion in 2017.

The founders saw that there was a gap in the market when it came to affordable steakhouses. They wanted to provide customers with a casual dining experience and entrees for around $15. At the time, the movie Crocodile Dundee was popular and they decided to capitalize on its success by creating an Australian-themed steakhouse. The concept was an almost instant hit and new restaurants were rapidly added.

The first Outback Steakhouse was opened in Tampa, Florida, in 1988. By 1991, there were a total of 49 restaurants in the chain and the company went public. By 2007, the owners decided to go private again and completed a stock repurchase plan. Eventually, the company was bought by Bloomin’ Brands, which once again put the company on the stock market in 2012.

Website URL https://www.outback.com/

Number of Employees Outback Steakhouse has approximately 93,000 employees.

Date Founded The restaurant was founded in March 1982 by Bob Basham, Chris T. Sullivan, Tim Gannon, and Trudy Cooper. All of the founders had extensive experience in the industry and had helped to introduce innovative concepts, such as salad bars. Eventually, they decided to join forces and pursue their own venture instead of working for others.

Mission Statement Outback’s approach to business is clear from its mission statement:

“We're the leader of the pack by emphasizing consistently high-quality delicious food delivering a warm, welcoming environment. Our generous portions are moderately priced. Our casual atmosphere couldn't be more transporting - it's like you're right there in the Australian Outback.”

For decades, the restaurant’s slogan was “No Rules, Just Right.” However, in 2015, the company invested in rebranding efforts. Today, the official slogan is “Bold at Steak.” This helped to put the focus back on the food and freshen up the company’s image in today’s market.

Employees enjoy a fun and supportive work environment where they can learn new skills and earn promotions. Customers tend to tip well, so there is good earning potential for servers.

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