Overview and benefits


Safeway is a grocery chain that primarily operates in the Western and Central United States. It’s currently owned and operated by Albertsons Companies, which is one of the largest food and drug retailers in the nation. The store tries to connect to each of its local communities even though it’s a national chain.

Depending on the location, stores have departments that include a deli and meat counter, flower department, bakery, pharmacy and an alcohol section. Along with its own store brands, Safeway also offers a variety of name brand items. With the rise in popularity of organic products, the company has expanded its produce choices and created its own line of other items called “O Organics.” 

Number of employees

Safeway has approximately 138,000 employees across all of the company’s locations and corporate offices.

Website URL

If you would like to learn more about Safeway, you can visit their website at: https://www.safeway.com/home.html.

Date founded

In 1915, Marion Barton Skaggs bought his father’s grocery store which was then operating as two different chains: Skaggs Cash Stores and Skaggs United Stores. In 1926, Skaggs had opened 428 stores and then doubled the size of his business by merging with Safeway.

Safeway got its name by the way it was operated. The company sold products on a cash basis unlike other grocery stores at the time that depended on credit, so it was the “safe way” for a family to buy groceries without getting in debt.

In the 1930s, Safeway transformed its stores by selling food by the pound, adding sell by dates to its products, labeling its food with nutrition information and constructing some of the first parking lots.

Company mission statement

Safeway’s mission statement is to “be the first choice for those customers who have the opportunity to shop locally in a Safeway store.” The store’s slogan is “ingredients for life.”


Safeway is categorized under the retail distributors industry; specifically, the food retail industry.

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How old do you need to be to work at Safeway?

Some Safeway locations let people as young as 14 years old work in entry-level positions that complete basic tasks. Other jobs require applicants to be at least 16, 18 or 21 years old depending on the position. These policies can also vary by location.

Does Safeway require a drug test?

Depending on location, Safeway may have prospective employees complete a pre-employment drug test. The company also reserves the right to drug test an employee if the store suspects that the employee is working under the influence.

How much do Safeway employees make?

An entry-level cashier at Safeway makes an average of $14.52 per hour with a range of $7.25 per hour to $31.15 per hour. A manager makes slightly higher wages at an average of $15.06 per hour.

What are the requirements to work at Safeway?

Safeway focuses more on personality traits than experience or education for entry-level positions. Applicants who are friendly and hardworking are considered for hire. For certain positions, some training may be required, such as in the bakery or deli. However, if you’re looking to apply for a management position, having a few years of experience is helpful.