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Specialists in merchandise and food, Target is a leading discount retailer found throughout the world. A history spanning over a century has allowed the store to specialize in high-quality, stylish goods at low prices. Consumer goods such as apparel, food and technology are among the most popular items in each store. Successful expansion online helps the company stay atop other big brand retailers. "Expect more, pay less" applies to hundreds of thousands of items purchased from Target each day.

Nearly 2,000 stores in North America alone helps Minneapolis-based Target achieve record sales. Value and convenience top a list of benefits the influential brand brings to the table. Widespread success in North America enables the corporation to reach every corner of the globe. The discount retailer is one of the largest in the United States and ranks third internationally.

Target team members create an exemplary shopping experience for its visitors. Health care, including dental and vision, alongside numerous rewards make this a favorite place to work. A supportive leadership structure encourages healthy growth in all directions.


You can learn more about the retail giant at www.target.com.

Number of employees

Target is the employer of more than 300,000 team members worldwide.

Date founded

A church fire in 1883 opened the door for parishioner George Dayton to begin the Target empire. The entrepreneur bought a developing plot adjacent to the burned plot of the church and built a six story building on his new property. By the 1920s, the downtown store had expanded to all six stories of the newly constructed building. Consistent supply during World War II helped the brand generate revenue and expand.

John Geisse introduced his idea for a concept discount retailer to George Dayton. The first Target based on Geisse's idea opened in 1962 in a suburb of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Target continued to invest in the overall guest experience and eventually reached all 50 states.

Company mission statement

The slogan "Great Shopping, Anytime, Anywhere" rings true in the company's mission:

"Whether you're shopping in our stores, online or on a mobile device, we work hard to ensure your experience is always enjoyable and exciting. How do we do it? Friendly service from team members ready to assist with your list; fully stocked products and a speedy checkout process; innovative digital experiences that take your trip to the next level—and that’s just the start. Shop with us and see for yourself."

Target stays close to its roots by providing everyday value to customers from all walks of life. The large retailer continues to grow in every direction with improvements in the shopping experience. The company celebrates diversity and inclusion for job opportunities with the statement:

"As champions of diversity and inclusivity, we're making our business stronger, building our talented team, and working toward a more equal society."


The brand has become a household name thanks to its cheap chic selection of goods. The company is the eighth largest United States retailer and is in direct competition with some of the largest companies in the world. Target's bulls-eye logo is a common sight in communities throughout North America and beyond.

The familiar retailer always evolves to meet the needs of customers on the sales floor. Expansion into affordable, high-end apparel has helped gain an edge against other big brand department stores. Target has focused on food items in more recent years through the creation of the Simply Balanced brand.

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How old do you need to be to work at Target?

The minimum age for full-time or part-time employment at Target is 16 years old; however, team members must be at least 18 years old to work at distribution centers. As a proponent of diversity, the company welcomes team members with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences.

Does Target require a drug test?

Target only drug tests when there is suspicion of usage or in the case of an accident.

How much do Target employees make?

Most Target team members are part-time and paid hourly. Pay rates for cashier, accessories team members and general merchandise expert roles vary by experience in retail. The company aims to increase its minimum wage to $15 per hour by late 2020.

Target team members (cashiers) earn an average of $12 per hour

Target team members (stockers) earn an average of $11 per hour

Target team members (team leader) earn an average of $16 per hour

What are the requirements to work at Target?

Entry-level Target jobs, such as cashier and stock room roles, require no experience. Managerial positions have additional requirements such as prior work in guest service or the retail industry.