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The United Parcel Service, or UPS, is an international residential and commercial package deliverer. The headquarters for the global logistical network is just outside Atlanta, Georgia. Branches of the company include UPS Airlines, UPS Freight and retail-based shipping centers. UPS earns nearly $70 billion in annual revenue due to its aggressive approach to the industry. A majority of the company's business is based on time sensitive deliveries.

Founded when most items were sent by foot, UPS adopted the Model T car to increase efficiency early on. The fleet grew and earned UPS an opportunity to expand its operation. The company is now one of the most recognized carriers in the United States and beyond. The company operates over 119,000 vehicles globally.

Vehicles such as semi-trucks and bicycles effectively deliver items of all shapes and sizes each day. UPS employees enjoy a supportive environment ripe with benefits. Programs that "enrich life for Future You" ensure long-term team member success. Thanks to UPS efforts, millions of packages per year reach destinations in 220 countries or territories around the world.


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Number of employees

There are 399,000 UPS employees in the United States with an additional 82,000 overseas.

Date founded

In 1907, businessman James E. Casey founded the American Messenger Company in Seattle, Washington. His company worked closely with the United States Postal Service to supply retailers and make special deliveries. UPS adopted the recognizable dark brown color in the early days of the company. Expansion along the West Coast and a connection to New York City solidified success as a nationwide delivery service. The acquisition of retail delivery duties before World War II formed a network of courier routes.

By the 1970s competitors had begun to reduce air routes to save money, but UPS recognized the opportunity to increase reliability. By the time speedy air delivery became popular, the company was poised to capitalize. The demand for international delivery has skyrocketed in the globalized age. Today, UPS delivers nearly 16 million packages per day.

Company mission statement

The UPS mission follows four guidelines:

"Grow our global business by serving the logistics needs of customers, offering excellence and value in all that we do."

"Maintain a financially strong company with broad employee ownership-that provides a long-term competitive return to our shareowners."

"Inspire our people and business partners to do their best, offering opportunities for personal development and success."

"Lead by example as a responsible, caring and sustainable company making a difference in the communities we serve."

Following these core values has proved successful for UPS. Customer service and reliability are fundamental to reaching the top of this competitive industry. Innovation, in the form of new products and services, continues to evolve how items are received each day. Expansion of logistics availability in emerging markets will fuel growth for years to come.


UPS now specializes in multinational delivery and supply chain management for clients of all sizes. More specifically, it’s a carrier within the less-than-truckload industry. The company is in competition with postal services, regional carriers and several well-known international corporations.

Annual UPS revenue nears $70 billion, making UPS the world's largest package delivery company. The trusted courier delivers more than 21 million packages and documents each day. A fleet includes more than 10,000 advanced alternative fuel vehicles and advanced technology vehicles. The purchase of Mail Etc. in 2003 further solidified the company's role in the packing and shipping niche. Around the same time, UPS Supply Chain Solution began to tackle the needs of large clients more effectively.

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How old do you need to be to work at UPS?

The minimum age for UPS employment is 18 years old. Package handler positions are available in distribution centers and on the road. Flexible schedules for part-time and full-time employment alongside ample benefits create an ideal work environment.

Does UPS require a drug test?

Drug tests for UPS store or delivery center employment vary for positions and locations. Tests are required in the case of suspicion or incident.

How much do UPS employees make?

Most UPS full-time and part-time jobs are generally paid hourly. Hourly rates vary between positions and are dependent on roles and experience levels. The average wage is $27.83 per hour.

UPS employees (package handler) earn an average of $11 per hour.

UPS employee (loader) earn an average of $11 per hour.

UPS employee (supervisor) earn an average of $17 per hour.

What are the requirements to work at UPS?

No prior experience is necessary for entry-level UPS jobs. Department physicals serve as typical requirements for entry-level opportunities. Package delivery drivers must have a valid driver's license. More demanding job titles ask applicants to have the ability to lift up to 70 pounds.