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"Save money, live better" is the slogan for Walmart, which is the most popular big brand retailer. Always on the look-out to offer value to its customers, Walmart is an influential name found in every corner of the globe. A savvy cost structure gives its customers access to consumer goods at low prices. Started by Sam Walton, an influential Midwestern native, the empire is a staple in the majority of North American communities. Annual revenue of over $500 billion ensures long-standing success for Walmart jobs for years to come.

The multinational retailer has nearly 12,000 locations and is the largest private employer in the world. Additional subsidiaries in China, Europe and South America continue to thrive. The Bentonville, Arkansas-based business employs 1.5 million full-time and part-time people in the United States alone and employs 2.2 million worldwide.

Walmart job applications are always available. Starting in hourly-based positions, associates are encouraged to meet their full potential. More than 215,000 people have risen the ranks to leadership roles at Walmart. Generous employee discounts and paid time off are perks that team members enjoy.


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Number of employees

Almost 12,000 stores allow Walmart to be the top earner and employer in the retail industry. 


Walmart currently employs 2.2 million full-time and part-time people worldwide.

Date founded

Sam Walton, an American entrepreneur, developed a work ethic growing up during the Great Depression. Leaving the military in 1945, Walton managed his store before purchasing a location in Newport, Arkansas. Consistent supply of high-quality goods ensured the community had everything they needed to live.

Walton opened his first Walmart store in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas. Large scale success due to increased American consumerism led to the development of his own brand. Today, Walmart locations and manufacturers worldwide supply thousands of products to a loyal base. The company has further branched out through Sam's Club and e-commerce.

Company mission statement

To this day, Walmart conducts itself in accordance with a quote from founder Sam Walton:

"The secret of successful retailing is to give your customers what they want. And really, if you think about it from your point of view as a customer, you want everything: a wide assortment of good-quality merchandise; the lowest possible prices; guaranteed satisfaction with what you buy; friendly, knowledgeable service; convenient hours; free parking; a pleasant shopping experience."

Walmart is a neighborhood store with a huge selection of consumer goods at an affordable price. The humble beginnings of Sam Walton continue to inspire the influential corporation. "Everyday Low Prices" serve households in rural and urban communities alike. 


Walmart operates a large number of discount warehouses, superstores and more. In revenue and employment, the company is a leader in the retail industry. The recognizable brand offers some of the most competitive prices for day-to-day items ranging from apparel to food. Approximately 140 million customers visit Walmart in person or online each week.

Despite strong competitors, the company generates a revenue of more than $500 billion per year. Walmart sources products from around the world to guarantee the lowest prices. Ongoing renovation alongside a strong push into the grocery niche furthers the company’s job growth. Long-term positions include health care benefit options.

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How old do you need to be to work at Walmart?

Walmart job applications require a minimum age of 16 years old. Certain positions, such as managerial positions, have a minimum age requirement of 18 years old. Full-time, part-time and e-commerce positions are available.

Does Walmart require a drug test?

Drug tests are only required for management and specialized positions. Testing is necessary in cases of injury or policy violation.

How much do Walmart employees make?

A large majority of Walmart associates are part-time and paid hourly. Positions such as cashier, stocker and attendant offer a range of pay rates based on experience level.

Walmart associates (cashiers) earn an average of $10.46 per hour.

Walmart associates (stocker) earn an average of $10.88 per hour.

Walmart associates (customer service manager) earn an average of $12.52 per hour.

What are the requirements to work at Walmart?

Part-time Walmart jobs require no experience for positions such as cashier and stocker roles.