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You need qualified cooks, cashiers and servers. We’ve got 20-plus years in restaurant and QSR staffing, a data algorithm that matches the right worker to the right job and millions of members with food and beverage experience. Order up!



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The combo meal of employer recruiting

With our tools, you can promote your openings to the 6 million workers searching our site each month. Plus, we’ll serve up pre-screened candidates we think might be a good fit. If you agree, you can instantly invite them to interview.


Expedite your hiring process

Swift and hassle-free wins the talent war. Our system gets candidates into interviews without tedious applications. They can schedule times that work for them and participate by phone, video or in person. You can shave days off your hiring time.

Get great workers

Stay out of the weeds with shift coverage

Can’t fully staff the front and back of the house? You can still be prepared. With our on-demand workers you can flex your team up and down to manage the unpredictable and fill shifts fast—70% within 10 minutes. No overburdened teams. No downtime. Just happy customers.

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Tap into the largest marketplace for hourly work

What hourly workers are saying:

Getting the position I applied for through Snagajob has meant so much to me! I’ve used [other tools] through the covid19 pandemic and was very unsuccessful. I downloaded Snagajob about a week ago and was able to [find] a job instantly. Getting this job will be able to help me explore my personal goals as well as get more experience in the quick serve industry.
Deion, Snagajob member since April 2015



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Solutions for Restaurant & QSR


We can instantly connect you with the right candidates. See how we can help you review fewer applications to hire more people.

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Get your newest workers out on the floor faster. Designed for hourly, applicant tracking and new-hire paperwork is all online and fully compliant.

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Snagajob helps you build a flexible workforce and cover open shifts instantly with Ripple technology, our
first-of-its-kind, on-demand solution.

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