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Ensure consistent, compliant hiring processes

How does it work?

Stay compliant

Transparency across your organization with critical compliance documentation will give you peace of mind that you’ll won’t be faced with a costly ICE audit. Reduce the risk of fines associated with costly I-9 errors.

“I can look on a daily basis and know that we’re 100% in compliance with I9s and E-Verify. It’s given me back very valuable time on both a weekly and a monthly basis.”

Vicki Simpkiss  |  Human Resource Director
United Restaurant Group  |  Friday’s franchise

Integrated I9 & E-Verify

Make onboarding faster by taking care of all the paperwork at once and keep an audit trail that will protect you during surprise audits. Our direct integration with E-Verify eliminates time spent on data entry.

“We can get them hired and onboarded within 5-10 minutes. Before, we were setting out a block of time that we were scheduling a full first day of filling out paperwork.”

Melissa Hill  |  Director of Operations
United Restaurant Group  |  Friday’s franchise

Tax Credit Processing

Save time and have peace of mind. When the government makes changes to state and federal tax forms, you’re covered. Snagajob ensures your Federal and State income tax forms are updated annually.

Payroll Integration

Connect to downstream systems or download integration files that make it simple to get your employees into your payroll or HRIS systems.

Consolidate vendors and save time by eliminating outdated manual process and unnecessary data entry. Use the time you save to invest in training for less-experienced workers.

“Previously, the team spent an estimated 10% of their time hunting down incomplete paperwork and syncing new hire information with the payroll system. Now, it’s all automated.”

Robin Carlson  |  HR Director  |  Mary’s Pizza Shack

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Snagajob Works for Hardee's

“It’s a totally seamless onboarding system that’s best in class.”

Nick Shurgot  |  Owner
Saddle Peak LLC  |  Hardee’s Franchise

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