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On Demand by Snagajob is your flexible, virtual, real-time staffing solution for the new normal

There’s a lot to navigate as you prepare to reopen your business. Social distancing, varied local restrictions and unpredictable consumer demand make staffing decisions different than they’ve ever been.
There’s no going back to the same hiring playbook.

The good news is that Snagajob is here to help.

We’ve developed a new set of tools to save your managers time, save your company money and keep everyone safe, all while restaffing your business with the qualified workers you need.

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Virtual Hiring

Skip the application process and be ahead of the curve on safe interviewing.

  • Complete end-to-end solution with sourcing, screening, scheduling and interviewing

  • Video interview right through our platform with no other programs needed (only available on Snagajob)

  • Only pay for scheduled interviews

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virtual hiring

Performance Hiring

Prioritize locations as restrictions lift and focus your recruiting efforts to maximize your budget. Plus, there are no commitments, you can decide when to use Performance Hiring and you only pay for the results you get.

  • Pre-build campaigns and have them ready to go when an area reopens

  • Spend budgets in priority markets

  • View real-time results and make adjustments as necessary

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performance hiring

Talent Pools

Get the staff you need, when you need it, while you figure out unpredictable customer demand. It’s completely customizable and you can organize your Talent Pools in whatever way is best for you.

  • Engage and organize workers for rehire in groups

  • Fill shifts with your current team, furloughed workers, former employees or Snagajob’s gig network (in Shifts markets)

  • Flex your team up or down based on demand

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talent pools

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If you need to hire 1,000 or more new workers, contact us to learn more about Hired by Snagajob—our outsourcing option for large-scale hiring needs.

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