Paperwork isn’t fun.
So we made it lightning fast.

End-to-end applicant tracking, hiring and onboarding that’s designed for hourly.

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Ditch the clunky software

Bells and whistles are fun, until they’re not. Get new workers in the door and out on the floor faster with software that’s built for hourly hiring.

Get new workers on the floor faster

Less time onboarding means more time where it counts. Simple steps, automation and integrations free up your team’s time. And mobile-ready software simplifies tracking and onboarding checklists.

Less than 1 week to hire, compared
to the 10+ day industry average

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Stop turnover in its tracks

Assessments bring the right people—the hustlers and the multitaskers—right to the top. So you know you’ve got the right workers.

40% reduction in turnover
with assessments

stop turnover

Don’t sweat the audit

We stay on top of the regulations so you don’t have to. Regular updates, detailed audit trails and alerts let you know that you’re fully compliant, no matter what size your team is.

95% reduction in I-9 verification
paperwork for large restaurant chain

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We can do it for you.
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