Back Waiter/Waitress

    Donovans Steak and Chop House
    570 K St, San Diego, CA
    Full-time, Part-time

    Job Description

    • The back waiter’s primary responsibility is to ring in every order correctly and efficiently and from there, ensure the coursing is properly timed throughout the evening for each and every table. If the coursing and timing is properly executed in the back of the house, the Captain is enabled to stay on the floor to guarantee every guest a world class experience.  The back waiter is the backbone of the team communicating between Captain and Server’s Assistant. The back waiter directs the SA keeping the SA in the loop as to what is going on at every point of the evening.
    • Uniform Guidelines
    • Polishable dress shoes- black with slip resistant soles
    • Black Socks
    • Black Slacks
    • Black Belt
    • Blue button up shirt (issued)
    • Red Tie (issed)
    • Black bistro apron (issued)
    • Wine key
    • Flashlight
    • Lighter
    • Nice Pens (blue or Black)
    • Crumber (issued)
    • Primary Responsibilities of Back Waiter:
    • Coordinate with Captain the timing and delivery of each course for every table.
    • Help mark each table with the proper utensils and plates as needed throughout the meal for each course, or delegate this to your SA.
           MARKING: Always make sure your guests have the proper utensils and plates as needed throughout the meal.
           -Forks on the left, knifes on the right followed by soup spoons or dessert spoons when needed.
    • If Captain is not available, greet and water tables and introduce the team.  Try and get a cocktail and wine order if possible. If there are any non- alcoholic drinks, inform your SA.
    • Drop off cocktails to correct positions and special the table ONLY if the captain is not available to do so.
    • Take the dinner order ONLY if the captain is not available.
    • Enter guests order in the P.O.S. correctly and efficiently.
    • Open and serve wine if necessary
    • Take coffee and dessert orders
    • Direct the server assistant throughout the night
    • Help the server assistant clear and crumb between every course and reset every table.
      • Always clear plates from the right, ideally LADIES first.
      • Be sure not to back hand anyone.
      • When clearing plates (whether it is bread plates, appetizer plates, entrees, or desserts) ALWAYS crumb the table.
      • Never carry more than you think you can handle to avoid dropping plates.
      • Bring dishes to the dish washing station, put the forks with forks, knives with knives, app plates with app plates etc.
        - Scrap all food off of plate in to the trash can.
        - Box up food  when requested
    • Maintain knowledge of all coming courses and communications between your team members.
    • Table maintenance and attention to detail throughout the night.
    • Assist your neighboring team in the dining room.
    • Review every order with the captain to ensure accuracy
    • Run each course throughout the evening and maintain the timing. Also help run other’s food as well.

      RUNNING FOOD:  Always help run food when hands are needed.
      • When dropping off food, always make sure you serve from the left LADIES first, in a clockwise direction.
        - Make sure you use your pivot points, starting with seat 1.
        - Be sure not to back hand anyone.
      • Always make sure that the plate is dropped off with the meat on the right and the potato on the left.
    • Finish all running and closing duties.
    • Never leave before checking out with a manager.

      *clear knowledge of the wines by the glass as well as the signature drinks.  Clear knowledge of the nightly specials and all menu items.
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