Medical & Healthcare Opportunities

    Army Reserves Los Angeles
    4125 Woodruff Ave., Lakewood, CA
    Full-time, Part-time

    Job Description

    We have a full-time/part-time opening for a Medical & Healthcare Opportunities.

    Must be able to work various shifts per week.


    Healthcare, Nurse (RN), Pharmacy, Medical, Dental, Respiratory, Radiology – Army Reserve – Part Time

    The Army Reserve is designed for those who want to get the most out of the Army while pursuing their civilian careers and goals. Many professionals as well as college students are Soldiers in the Army Reserve. Here, you can take advantage of a long list of job and leadership training opportunities that give you the skills and strength to succeed wherever you go.

    Medical / Health Care

    Some of the opportunities available in the Medical and Health Care area include:

    • Dental Assistant

    • Radiology Specialist

    • Pharmacy Technician

    • Laboratory Technician

    • Medical Assistant

    • Patient Coordinator

    • Medical Equipment Repairer

    • Operating Room Specialist

    • Dental Specialist

    • Respiratory Specialist

    • Health Care Specialist

    • Chief Medical NCO

    The training and skills you receive in the Army can prepare you for a future with hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or rehabilitation centers to name a few. You are also able to earn certifications and licensures for civilian jobs.

    In the Army Reserve, you'll have the time and freedom to put your educational benefits to good use. If you want to go to college, the Army Reserve will help pay for it. If you've already attended college, the Army Reserve will help pay off your loans.

    In the Army Reserve you could be eligible for:

    • Enlistment bonuses totaling up to $20,000

    • Up to $24,012 for college

    • Up to $20,000 to repay qualifying student loans

    • Up to $4,500 a year tuition assistance while serving

    Job Requirements

    Requirements for Medical & Health Care Opportunities:

    • U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien

    • 17–34 years old

    • Healthy and in good physical condition

    • In good moral standing

    • High School or equivalent education

    • Enlistment in the Army Reserve

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