Full Time and Part Time Group Home Teaching Assistant

O'Connell Youth Ranch
1646 North 1320 Road, Lawrence, KS
Full-time, Part-time

Job Description

We have a part-time/full-time opening for a Full Time and Part Time Group Home Teaching Assistant.

Must be able to work various shifts per week.

  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Be authorized to work in the United States.
  • Must have reliable transportation.
  • Background check required.

Wage: 9.25-9.50

Full time has paid life and health insurance as well as dental as benefits




  1. Be 23 years of age or older
  2. Be of good moral character
  3. Must have a good driving record
  4. Must be able to pass a KBI Background Check
  5. Must be able to pass a CANIS Check
  6. Be in good financial standing (responsibly meeting debts)
  7. Have a genuine interest and desire to serve youth and adults
  8. Have a healthy self-concept and ability to freely convey and impart worth and dignity to others
  9. Shall have at least a high school diploma
  10. Ability to relate to adolescent boys on their level in an open, sharing atmosphere and as the "parents-away-from-home"
  11. Have ability to function as members of a program team and able to perform required tasks with a minimal amount of supervision.




  1. Personal Growth and Professional Development
  2. Youth care Responsibilities
  3. Program Team Functions
  4. Availability for Supervision
  5. Other Agency Responsibilities




  1. Personal Growth and Professional Development
    1. Regular time devoted to personal study and edification in preparation for service on all levels
    2. Continue professional development by participating in orientation and in-service training and staff development sessions
  2. Youth Care Responsibilities
    1. During time on duty, serve in the role of Teaching-Parent
    2. Supervise youth during living activities, special outings, recreation, etc. assume responsibility as each youth's "teaching" parent
    3. Maintain a positive family atmosphere at all times which will be conductive to the growth and development of each youth
    4. Provide appropriate and healthy role modeling which conveys worth and dignity to each youth
    5. Help youth with school work, craft projects, recreational activities, religious experience, special needs, etc.
    6. Guide youth in household tasks, hygiene manners, personal habits, money management (savings accounts), etc.
    7. Teach youth to maintain clothing that is clean and neat and assure that they dress appropriately for daily weather conditions
    8. Prepare advanced menus and provide balanced and nutritional meals
    9. Schedule and keep medical, dental, etc. appointments for each youth. Administer prescribed medication. Document on appropriate forms all treatment obtained or given
    10. Secure prompt and adequate emergency treatment for each youth as the need may arise. Consult with and keep the program nurse informed of all illnesses, prescription needs, emergencies, etc.
    11. Maintain house conditions that are neat, clean, and healthy. Maintain physical facilities, equipment, and vehicle in good condition. Use proper channels for maintenance requests and allocation of supplies.
  3. Treatment Team Functions
    1. Functions as a member of the program team by working closely with the other staff, case coordinator, therapist, etc. to bring about change and growth for each youth
    2. Contribute to the development and implementation of each youth's program plan at required program conferences.
    3. Consistently and routinely utilize the Privilege System to shape, teach, and reinforce positive behavior. Appropriately document Daily Program Record and other needed forms.
    4. Keep the therapist and other members of the program team informed of each youth's emotions and behavior relevant to his program plan.
    5. During times of conflict, anxiety, fear, etc., consult with the other team members and take appropriate steps for resolution of the problems.
    6. Follow channels of responsibility and communicate with appropriate staff regarding each youth's progress or special needs.
    7. Receive orientation, training, and support services from the Teaching-Parent consultant, drawing upon their experience and wisdom in working with youth.
  4. Availability for Supervision
    1. Have regular conferences with immediate supervisor (Teaching Parent) for reporting, planning, affirmation, support, and direction.
    2. Make self available to Social Worker and Case Coordinator for periodic conferences.
    3. Attend all required meetings.
  5. Other Agency Responsibilities
    1. Fulfill other periodic job-related responsibilities which are assigned by management and not already part of this job description.


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