Serve the curve Hot Dogs...Get yer hot dogs!

    Delicious Dogs
    434 W Twelve Mile Rd, Madison Heights, MI

    Job Description

    We have a part-time position available inside of the Lowe's Department Store.  

    Must be able to work various shifts per week.  We have two shifts in a day: 10-2:30 and 2:30-7p.m..

    Wage: Hourly + Tips


    Job Description

    If you have sales and exceptional social skills then this may be the job for you!

    For example, take the Snack Pack we’re working on now.  It involves making the hot dog stand a destination place; more than for just people passing through Lowe’s department store.   We want this hot dog stand to be known for the best hot dogs/sausages in town that can service graduation parties, corporate events, and more. 

    If you’re interested, this is what it’s all about.  For a saleswomen/salesmen, this is the stuff of dreams:  using your gift of gab, talking with everyone and anyone, and putting ear-to-ear smiles on people’s faces walking by the stand.

    • Sampling our hot dogs/sausages gaining potential customers trust and loyalty
    • Educating our customers of the catering services we provide
    • Using a sales pitch to maintain a standard average sale per customer
    • Building a huge repeat customer base
    • Meeting operational and health department standards
    • Creating an atmosphere/energy that brings people to the stand

    Realistically, we need someone who is loud and loves talking with people.  Most important is a hands-on understanding of what draws people to make spontaneous decisions (why would someone purchase an all-American staple passing through a department store).  If you can manage this you’ll have people lined up thanking you for an awesome experience. 

    Perks of the job: compensation (hourly + tips), the company, the people, and the location.  Yet none of this matters unless the job description makes sense for you.

    Desired Skills & Experience

    If you can accomplish the above, you’ve got what it takes.  Realistically though, you need to be able to:  not take “no” personally, be empathetic, be persistent, promote yourself, demonstrate exciting presentation skills, and possess a perpetual positive attitude and enthusiasm.

    Posting ID: 40493977Posted: 2020-01-26

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