Hooters Girl

    7280 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ
    Full-time, Part-time

    Job Description

    Position Overview: The Hooters Girl is the icon of the Hooters Brand and has drawn guests into Hooters Restaurants for decades. An exclusive position, reserved only for those who are entertaining, goal oriented, sophisticated, fashionable, glamorous, and charismatic. In the restaurant she is identified by styled hair, glamorous make-up, and her fit body which all contribute to her confidence and poise. The Hooters Girl appears to live a healthy, active lifestyle and is captivating to all who visit Hooters restaurants. The Hooters Girl is approachable, upbeat, and attentive to the needs of the guests as she socially engages with, and entertains each individual guest. The Hooters Girl is knowledgeable about the products and Hooters brand which allows her to ensure that only the highest quality food and drinks are served to her guests. 


    • Responsible Alcohol Service 
    • Ensures proper sanitation and food handling 
    • Food & Beverage Quality Assurance 
    • Accurate Food Presentation Atmosphere 
    • Hooter Girl Image (Fit & Glamorous) 
    • Prepared, in uniform & Punctual for Shift 
    • Charismatic Energy 
    • Fun, Upbeat, Entertaining Service 
    • Attentive Customer Service 
    • Visible & Available to Guests at All Times 
    • Responsible Cash Handling 
    • Speed of Service 
    • Store Events Spokesperson 
    • Order Accuracy 


    • Entertains Guests in a Fun Way 
    • Makes Special Occasions Memorable 
    • Team Player 
    • Promotional Representation 
    • Community Outreach & Events Participation 
    • Sales Generation, including Promotional Items & Merchandise 
    • Team Communication 
    • Performs assigned tasks 
    • Continuous development of food & beverage product knowledge 

    Knowledge, Skills, Abilities 

    • Knowledgeable of Glamorous hair styling 
    • Knowledge of make-up application 
    • Customer Service Skills 
    • Basic Mathematical Computations Skills 
    • Ability to promote Brand Integrity 
    • Ability to Engage Guests; Likeable 
    • Ability to maintain Professionalism at all times 
    • Ability to Communicate clearly 
    • Ability to work well with others 
    • Ability to multi-task 
    • Ability to maintain attractive & fit image 

    Core Competencies 

    • Glamorous – Arrives for work with Camera Ready make up; styled hair, well groomed hands and a bright, clean uniform. Maintains a clean fresh look throughout the shift to uphold image and is continuously looking for new ways to improve her image. 
    • Fit – Appears to live a healthy lifestyle and appears physically active; has muscle tone and carries herself in an upright, confident manner. Maintains an attractive and fit appearance in the Hooters Girl Uniform. 
    • Charisma – Delivers a genuine smile to all guests and has a magnetic and energetic personality. Is able to entertain guests while making them feel important and relaxed by being friendly, outgoing, and playful.
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