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At Café Sevilla the Expo position is responsible for ensuring the food that is served to our guests is properly garnished and presented. This position requires a dedication to learning about Sevilla’s distinctive culinary and cultural aspects via on the job training and self education. The ability to passionately communicate Sevilla’s unique characteristics to our guests, positively contribute to our work environment, and follow Company, state and federal regulations are the keys to success as an Expo at Café Sevilla!

For the Expo position, there is both the position of Expo Anchor (EA) and Expo Runner (ER). On busier shifts, there will be an Expo assigned specifically to each and will be listed on the Daily Player's List. If it is a shift where there is only one EXPO working, then the duties of both positions are to be completed by that one Expo. 
Any duties/responsibilities listed below not specifically noted as Anchor Expo or Running Expo apply to all Expo positions. 
The position duties and responsibilities for each include, but are not limited to the following: 
Position Responsibilities
1.Use the Opening and Closing Checklists on a daily basis to track completion of opening and closing procedures.
2.A knowledge of the Sevilla Steps of Service for Servers and Bartenders.
3.Expo Anchor- 
     a.Monitor of ticket times for all items in the kitchen. Notify Chef & Manager when ticket times get to be abnormally long.
     b.Ensuring all items delivered to a guest meet Sevilla expectation and are accurate to the recipe.
     c.Ensure garnishes are properly stocked throughout shift.
     d.Verify Radio is charged and ready at the Expo line for use as needed.
     e.Communicate with kitchen staff as to what items are low availability or 86ed
     f.Maintain clean, organized, and safe work areas.
     g.Be the communication line between servers and kitchen staff as needed- Expo should be the only employee who makesdirect comments/requests to the kitchen. Servers must always go through the Expo.
4.Expo Runner- 
     a.Clearing tables/empty plates with each return to Expo station. Anytime an Expo delivers an item to a table/guest, they should always take empty plates or dishes back from same table or any other table in the establishment.
     b.An Expo should never return from food delivery empty handed.
     c.Engaging with guests to ensure they're happy with food and service.
     d.When in practice at your location, proper preparation and service of coffee beverages on designated shifts.
     e.Ensure every guest is having an enjoyable and memorable dining experience. Provide assistance for the positive resolution ofguest concerns. Communicate any guest concerns to Server/Manager.
5.Maintain all side work and room appearance to the proper standards.
6.TEAM WORK- Always keep a positive work attitude and friendly (approachable) demeanor with the ability to work well withcoworkers and as a team when necessary. ONE TEAM, ONE MISSION!
7.Immediately report any maintenance, security, and/or safety issues or concerns to a Manager.
8.Adhere to uniform expectation per Sevilla Handbook.
9.Adhere to all daily and weekly cleaning schedules.
10.Providing great customer service.
11.Protect establishment and patrons by adhering to sanitation, safety and alcohol control policies.
12.Knowledge of all Best Practices applicable to job code.
13.Completion of all assigned training tests & courses.
14.Helping out with other positions in the restaurant as needed.15.Other work duties as assigned by Management.

Administrative Responsibilities
1.Clock-in and out for each work day properly. Clock-in upon arrival, clock-out when leaving for meal period/10 minutebreak (or other personal time away from work), clock-in upon return from meal period/10 minute break (or otherpersonal time away from work), and clock-out when the work day has ended and no more work tasks will beperformed. Immediately notify a manager if a clock-in or clock-out is missed or incorrectly recorded.
2.Take a meal period when 5 or more hours are worked in one work shift. Start the meal period no later than thebeginning 5th hour of work. Breaks are to be clocked into Aloha when taken. For 30 meal period, the posted break logis to be signed as well.
3.Take meal periods and 10-minute breaks as desired in accordance with the Employee Handbook.
4.Immediately notify a manager if you feel you are not able to take a meal period or 10-minute break for any reason.
5.All breaks must be taken per Company Policy outlined in the Sevilla Handbook.
6.Attend and participate in all mandatory staff meetings.
7.Report suspicions of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and/or safety issues immediately to a manager.
8.Maintain clean, organized, and safe work areas. Immediately report safety hazards to a manager.


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