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Cocktail Server

1870 Harbor Blvd.,
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
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Full-time, Part-time
Work Duties and Responsibilities
1)Use the Club Opening and Closing Checklists on a nightly basis to track completion of opening and closing procedures.
2)At the time of opening, all servers must be standing within their section with a Bottle Service menu. The Servers goal is to sell tables/bottles to guests already in the club. It is the responsibility of the server to know, prior to opening, what prices they are able to sell a bottle/table for. 
3)Ensure every guest is having an enjoyable and memorable experience at Café Sevilla.
4)All VIP Guests are to be served to Sevilla expectation and the Steps of Service for Cocktail Servers are followed.
5)Interacting with customers by taking their orders, making recommendations, providing them with accurate bills, serving them drinks, processing payments, and supplying them with their requests in a timely manner.
6)Processing all payments in accordance with Cafe Sevilla policies. This includes cash handling, CC processing and CC/ID verification procedures.
7)Encouraging additional sales to guests- Upsell drinks/bottles, offer additional bottles with appropriate pricing, promote table service to guests not already seated.
8)It is the responsibility of the server to inquire with Management as to what pricing they are able to sell any additional bottles for. What discount, if any, is available. This will vary for the multiple nights of the Nightclub as well as based on guest count of table. 
9)Handling multiple tables and tasks in an efficient manner.
10)Maintaining clean and presentable tables and work area- minimal trash and empty glassware on tables during service hours.
11)Always keep a positive work attitude and friendly (approachable) demeanor with the ability to work well with coworkers and as a team when necessary.
12)During business hours, a server is never to be out of their section for more than 2 minutes at a time. The only time out of their section should be to pick up a bottle or get something that the Porter has not been able to get. 13)Maintain a polished professional appearance in accordance with the Employee Handbook.
14)Inform management of any additional resources needed- If overwhelmed and cannot give service to Sevilla expectation, ask for assistance.
15)Watch for underage drinking at all times, if applicable to the location.
16)Immediately report any maintenance, security, and/or safety issues or concerns to a manager.
17)If a server at any time feels as though they are being harassed by a guest or group that is displaying offensive language or gestures, the server must let Management know immediately as it is not taken lightly. Management will address the issue immediately and remedy as seen fit. Possible outcomes will be rotation of table to a different server or removal from the club. If rotation of table is necessary, Management will do their best to ensure any "swap" of tables is fair to all servers involved. In the occasion occasion that this does happen however, it is not an excuse for a server to not be available in their section at all times. 
18)Recommend process improvements to a manager and participate in implementing approved process improvements as appropriate.
19)Properly complete all end of shift paperwork including nightly check out- must be completed per Company Policy.
20)Other work duties as assigned by a manager.


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