10 obvious signs of job interview anxiety

Ashley Robinson |

You’re nervous. I mean, who wouldn't be? You have to figure out what to wear, run through your job interview checklist and be ready to answer the most common interview questions. It's completely normal to have job interview anxiety, especially if you're shy, but you may not want the employer to know that.

These are the top ten signs of interview nerves.

1) Sweat


2)Playing with hair


3) Bad handshake


4) Adjusting clothing


5) Fidgeting


6) Lacking confidence

Whispering, no eye contact – these say to the employer that you aren't feeling confident in what you're saying.


7) Robotic answers

“Hello. My. Name. Is. Ashley.” An interview is the time to show off your personality. Don't ruin your shot by trying to recite scripted answers. Just be yourself and answer honestly!


8)Speaking too fast


9)Speaking too slow

Steer clear of the um’s, err’s and I don’t know’s.



"What's my greatest strength? Well, once I decide something I commit to it and see it through so I will make sure any goal I have gets accomplished. Like when I pick a show on Netflix, I can binge watch all day and nothing can stop me. (10 minutes later) That reminds me, have you seen ‘Orange Is The New Black’? Omg, that’s my favorite show ever!"

Any of these are a dead giveaway that you're sort of freaking out. Basically, just chill out. It's easier said than done, but there are ways to calm your nerves like practicing before the big day with a mock interview. That way you'll know if you show any of these signs and what you should look out for.