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12 companies offering employee discounts during the holidays

From merchandise to gas, find the perks that make your hourly job even merrier

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Increase your chance of getting called back with these follow-up tips

Getting ghosted is no fun. Here’s how to keep your application moving forward.

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11 companies hiring seasonal workers for the holidays

Browse the roles you can expect to find from top employers

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Questions to ask your next interviewer

Asking the right questions leaves a great impression, while increasing your chance of getting hired.

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3 tips for finding your next job

As the holidays approach, increase your chances of finding a job that works for you.

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Use a seasonal job to try something new

Explore new opportunities now, while companies are looking beyond their traditional pool of candidates

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Understanding gig work

Learn what gig work is, and how it works. Plus explore gig job advantages and drawbacks, as well as where to start looking for gig work.

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Job Searching Just Got Easier

The Snagajob Dashboard for workers has gotten an upgrade!

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Why get a seasonal job? And why money is only one reason…

Now is the perfect time to find an hourly job that works for you. You’ll find part-time jobs, full-time jobs, and one-off shifts in every line of work. Most with added perks.

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Why NYC’s Pay Transparency Law Matters for Hourly Workers (Even if You’re Not in New York)

Pay transparency laws, explained–and how they impact pay equity for hourly workers

Brittany Jezouit |

7 Top Employers with College Tuition Reimbursement Plans

These part-time hourly jobs will help you pay for school

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A Complete Step by Step Guide on Changing Careers

Changing your career is a huge risk, but it can be advantageous when done right.

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