12 creative small business ideas for Mother’s Day

Tom Quinn |
Tom (he/him) is a growth marketing manager at Snagajob helping small businesses find hourly workers.

Mother’s Day is fast-approaching! But this year, it may look a little different. Though many states are loosening restrictions, restaurants, retailers and hospitality businesses across the country are at varying stages of reopening. Even if you’re not able to offer your customers the traditional Mother’s Day experience, there are still some creative ways your business can engage with customers.

Here are a few ideas we’ve put together. 


Breakfast in bed

If your restaurant sells breakfast or brunch food, offer meal kits with ingredients and simple instructions for loved ones to prepare their own Mother’s Day breakfast at home.

Curated picnic baskets

Package some ready-made food, drinks, utensils and napkins in a basket for an all-inclusive luxury outdoor dining experience.

A special delivery menu

Even if you already offer at-home delivery, designing a special Mother’s Day delivery deal with unique specials is a great way to make the most of the special day.

Online cooking classes

If your restaurant is known for a particular dish, try offering a master class on how to prepare it at home. Have your chef host the event online and talk customers through the process. Better yet, you can sell a box of the ingredients as an added bonus.


Special services for moms

Give moms the chance of exclusive discounts or free services in the days before and after  Mother’s Day. Emphasize the unique opportunity and the exclusivity.

At-home spa kits

One typical Mother’s Day gift is a pampering spa day. If you want to offer something to families who aren’t ready to visit the spa, consider how you can bring your spa to your customers. Package up some luxurious products and step-by-step instructions on how to recreate your spa experience in their own homes.

Vouchers and gift cards

If your business isn’t able to open fully now, try promoting options for experiences in the future. Allow guests to gift unique hotel stays, leisure activities and other hospitality offers for Mother’s Day, to redeem at a later date.

Guided walks

If part of the attraction of your hospitality business is its unique or picturesque location, use that to your advantage. Host guided walks of the area around your business for Mother’s Day, maybe tying in a picnic or drinks offering.


Discounts for moms

Offer a one-day special discount for moms, or include a taster or giveaway with their purchases. If your business is fulfilling online, you could offer free delivery or other incentives.

Personalized delivery

Many customers may not have seen their mothers for a long time, so they will value personalized gift options. Even if you don’t offer personalized products, see how you can work with the customer to make your gift packaging and delivery a more memorable, customized experience.

Get creative with hobbies

Throughout the pandemic, many consumers have been taking up new hobbies or reviving old ones. Think outside the box of how your products could fuel a new pastime for mothers still isolating at home.

Partner with a charity

Give back on Mother’s Day by offering a percentage of sales to a relevant charitable organization. Customers may be more likely to spend if they know some of their money will be going to a good cause.