Hourly Hiring Trends

5 tips for last-minute holiday hiring in December

There’s still time to staff up for the seasonal rush

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Friday’s jobs report is a mixed bag for hiring managers

Hourly Hiring Report 12/07/22

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How 65% of holiday job seekers plan to search for work in December

See hourly workers’ 5 most popular methods for finding last-minute holiday jobs

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4 ways to offer the flexibility holiday workers crave

Beyond scheduling, take added steps to deliver freedom that attracts hourly job seekers

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Black Friday roundup: 6 insights and 6 tips on holiday hiring

As the holiday season officially kicks off, here’s timely intel on seasonal staffing

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Explore the changing face of today’s holiday job seeker

See the demographics of hourly workers looking for a seasonal job in 2022

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8 tips for creating that “make-or-break” holiday job post

Get 200% more applications by focusing on what workers look for today

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Make sure your holiday job fits workers’ needs

Tips on fine-tuning your job post, as well as better aligning the actual role

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Cooling labor market promises to lure more workers off the sidelines

Hourly Hiring Report 11/09/2022

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Hiring tip: Hourly workers are open to working past the holidays

Nearly half will use your seasonal job to gauge if it’s right for more-permanent work

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Is your job sector the rage among holiday job seekers?

See which industries are attracting the most attention this season from hourly workers

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2 keys to holiday hiring: Gig workers and flexible Shifts

Bringing a true “gig” attitude to holiday work, Shifts by Snagajob workers are ideal for seasonal staffing.

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