17 New, Secure, and In-Demand Jobs in Rapidly Growing Industries

To ease your search for stable work in an uncertain future, we researched the top growing industries and found 17 of the most secure and in-demand jobs from now until 2029.

As we continue to move forward from the outlier year of 2020, we look ahead with optimism to the economic promises the future holds. The year 2020 forced us to examine our futures within our current professions as job security was scrutinized with essential and non-essential labels as well as massive layoffs and furloughs. 

To ease your search for stable work in an uncertain future, we researched the top growing industries and found 17 of the most secure and in-demand jobs from now until 2029. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, all the following roles expect faster than average growth, face an immediate need to hire, and do not require a degree. Read on to find an in-demand position that suits you. 

What Makes a Job Secure?

Having a secure job means you do not have to worry about your employment being compromised due to a natural disaster or economic recession. A secure job is essential to supporting the everyday life of people and businesses. Secure jobs deliver functions, services, or products that many people depend on to live safe, healthy, and satisfied lives. 

How to Tell if a Job Is In-Demand

Jobs that are in-demand are jobs that address immediate basic individual and societal needs. Jobs that are in-demand also expect large amounts of growth as a result of an increased market demand, legislation, and innovation. In-demand jobs need to increase their workforce quickly to compensate for an elevated need for their products or services. 

What are the Fastest-Growing Industries?

You should know where the next concentration of jobs and opportunities are going to be if you want to future-proof your job search. Below are the top-growing industries with an immediate need for an increased workforce. 

  • Healthcare. There will be a huge drive in demand for almost all health-care and wellness roles. Factors contributing to rising healthcare jobs include the recent covid-19 pandemic, the aging baby boomer generation, and chronic social issues like diabetes and obesity. 

  • Energy. We expect to see a continued uptick in employment in the renewable, oil, gas, fossil fuels, and mining sectors. Social activist and innovation efforts are making strides in renewable energy solutions. Current high-energy dependencies fuel our gas, oil, and fossil fuel consumption long into the foreseeable future. 

  • Math, Science, and Software. Industry leaders are striving to modernize businesses using mobile devices and user-modeled personalized applications. Such efforts require intensive research and innovation in math, science, and analytics. 

  • E-commerce, Supply Chains, and Market Analysis. The innovations and efficiencies achieved by advanced software and data analysis will support the growth in sales operations and market analysis. 

17 Secure and In-Demand Jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average expected growth for any given industry is three to four per cent. The following jobs are expected to flourish in comparison. Even the job with the lowest predicted growth rate is expected to scale almost three times faster than average. Take a look for yourself!  

Wind Turbine Service Technicians

Wind turbine service technicians are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repairs of wind turbines. Wind turbine technicians are expected to work extensively with their hands, machines, components, and outdoors. Individuals working with wind turbines should expect to travel to different job sites throughout their careers. 

To become a wind turbine service technician, you need to attend a technical school. There you will learn the necessary tools and skills of the trade. After earning your trade certifications, you will continue to grow your field expertise with ongoing on-the-job training.

Median Pay

$27.03 per hour

Projected Growth


The job market foresees huge growth for wind turbine service technicians as our generation seeks to utilize renewable energy sources. 

Solar Photovoltaic Installers

Solar photovoltaic installers, also called solar panel technicians, manage the assembly and maintenance of solar panel systems. As a solar panel technician, you will work on solar panels on home rooftops, in commercial parking lots, in agricultural fields, and more. Most solar panel work occurs outdoors, but there will be times when you need to work in small indoor or underground spaces, such as attics or crawl spaces, to connect or repair solar panels. 

Median Pay

$22.34 per hour 

Projected Growth


Anyone who has a high-school diploma or equivalent can become a solar photovoltaic installer. You do not need to attend trade school. Instead, you will receive on-the-job training. Some employees supplement their onsite training with studies from their local technical school or community college. Some employers prefer individuals who receive technical training. 

The huge leap in solar panel installation jobs is due to society’s desire to capitalize on clean, renewable energy sources. 

Occupational Therapy Assistants

Occupational therapy assistants aid licensed occupational therapists. The goal of occupational therapy is to help individuals learn, practice, and strengthen the fine and gross motor skills vital to daily work and life activities. 

As an occupational therapy assistant, you will work with patients with an injury, illness, or disability in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and therapy offices. Working in occupational therapy requires patience, empathy, physical stamina, and knowledge of human anatomy.

Median Pay

$29.30 per hour

Projected Growth


Each state has its regulations on how to work in occupational therapy. For most occupational therapy assistant roles, you need to receive a certification from an accredited program. After receiving your certification, you will continue to expand your professional skillset through on-the-job training. 

Occupational therapy expects a burst of growth in jobs for two reasons. The first reason revolves around the aging of the baby boomer generation. The second reason stems from the thriving popularity of early intervention and preventative healthcare. Occupational therapy will continue to be an imperative resource for educators, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. 

Home Health and Personal Care Aides

Home health and personal care aides work with individuals with disabilities, injuries, and chronic illnesses. Health aides are responsible for monitoring the ongoing health and therapy of these individuals. They also aid people with daily living activities. 

Home and personal health care aides work in private and public settings like nursing homes, hospices, adult schools, and homes. Employees in this field have many options to engage in full or part-time work and work a variety of schedules.  

Median Pay

$13.02 per hour

Projected Growth


You need a high school diploma if you want to become a home and personal health care aid. While it is not the industry standard, some healthcare agencies require aides to undergo short-term training or receive certification before employment. You will receive on-the-job training regardless. 

Like all healthcare roles, we anticipate a rising need for home health and personal care aide jobs. In addition to the aging of the baby boomer generation, the demand for these jobs is expected to come from society’s desire for personalized healthcare

Physical Therapist Assistants

Physical therapist assistants work under the direction of licensed physical therapists. The goal of physical therapy is to support the development and recovery of injured, ill, or disabled persons. Much like an occupational therapy aide, working as a physical therapist assistant requires patience, empathy, physical stamina, and knowledge of human anatomy. Physical therapy assistants must earn a license or certification from an accredited program. 

Median Pay

$24.02 per hour 

Projected Growth


The increase in demand for physical therapy stems from a focus shift towards preventative medical care. Experts also anticipate an elevated need for physical therapy due to society’s ongoing struggles with debilitating chronic illnesses like diabetes and obesity. 

Information Security Analysts

Information security analysts are responsible for designing and implementing safeguards for a company’s computer networks and systems. Individuals in these roles can work remotely but generally work in-house in offices so they can address problems as they arise. Enterprise companies in industries like computer companies, consulting, business, and finance rely on information security analysts to protect their sensitive data and resources. 

Median Pay

$49.80 per hour 

Projected Growth


The status quo used to be that you had to have a degree to become an information security analyst. While many employees in this role have their Bachelor’s or Master’s, it is becoming increasingly popular for computer hacking and security enthusiasts without degrees to fill these roles. 

This role expects substantial growth to compensate for the economy’s growing usage of computer networks and systems to conduct business. As more of our personal, financial, and other sensitive data is exchanged through computer networks, security analysts will be vital to protecting economic functions. 

Data Scientists and Mathematical Science Occupations

Data scientists, mathematicians, and scientists collect and analyze data. They also use data to research, conduct experiments, and create models with software and hardware components. Data science and math-science experts are necessary for all kinds of industries, especially business, finance, computer, medical, and energy sectors.

Median Pay

$ 49.97 per hour

Projected Growth


Much like information security analysts, candidates looking for roles in data, math, and science are now considered for employment if they have relevant experience or a field-specific degree. 

Although the growth estimates in this article only extend to 2029, the economy will likely have a perpetual ongoing need for data, math, and science experts. Aside from relying on computer and software technologies, society will continue to need intelligent individuals who can think creatively and innovate with mathematical and scientific principles. 

Derrick Operators

Derrick operators work at construction or drilling sites. They are responsible for rigging, inspecting, and maintaining derrick equipment. They also operate pumps to circulate mud, gas, oil, or fluids through drill holes. Derrick operators work long shifts outdoors and travel to different job sites. 

Median Pay

$ 24.17 per hour

Projected Growth


You do not need any diplomas, training, or credentials to become a derrick operator. Instead, you’ll receive onsite training when you are hired. 

There will be a large, steady surge in demand for derrick operators as our economy and society sustain their current energy needs. 

Rotary Drill Operators

A rotary drill operator handles a variety of drills to remove oil and gas underground. They also remove core samples for research and testing during oil, gas, and mining exploration projects. Rotary drill operators work long shifts outdoors and travel to different job sites. 

Median Pay

$28.34 per hour

Projected Growth


Like derrick operators, you do not need any diplomas, credentials, or training to become a rotary drill operator. You will also receive the necessary training on the job. 

Due to society’s climbing levels of energy consumption, rotary drill operators will continue to play a crucial role in the future job market. 


A roustabout is a term to describe someone who performs general labor on oil rig sites. A roustabout is responsible for assembling and repairing oil field equipment, as well as attending to various tasks on oil rig sites. Like many other oil and gas positions, roustabouts work long shifts outdoors and travel to various locations for work. 

Median Pay

$20.27 per hour

Projected Growth


Like derrick and rotary drill operations, roustabout work does not require formal education. Everything you need to know about completing your job will be learned once you’re hired. 

As long as there is a heavy reliance on oil and gas (which currently has no end in sight), there will continue to be employment opportunities for roustabouts. 

Forest Fire Inspectors and Prevention Specialists

Forest fire inspectors and fire prevention specialists examine buildings, job sites, and natural areas to identify fire hazards. The goal of fire inspection and prevention specialists is to ensure that businesses, builders, and residents comply with federal, state, and local fire codes. Employees in this field also respond to and investigate fires. These roles are mentally and physically demanding as employees are expected to be able to move debris, carry unconscious persons, and think quickly in disaster situations.  

Median Pay

$29.87 per hour

Projected Growth


Forest fire inspectors and fire prevention specialists do work in offices but spend most of their time outdoors doing fieldwork. Some specialists work regular business hours, and others work evenings, weekends, holidays, or on-call.  

You need a high school diploma or equivalent to become a fire inspection and prevention specialist. While most employees have previous experience as firefighters, new hires will receive onsite training. 

Due to the unpredictable nature of fires, fire experts, such as investigators and prevention specialists will always be in demand. These roles are also expected to grow with construction, infrastructure, and recreation projects that accommodate growing populations. 


Cooks are responsible for preparing food in public and private settings. Public cooking professionals provide essential services to communities that rely on public services, such as schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. Cooks work a variety of schedules around the clock. Working as a cook requires patience, physical stamina, and dexterity. 

Median Pay

$13.10 per hour

Projected Growth


Some cooking professions do not require formal training. Other positions, like upscale or private roles, may require certifications or training from an accredited culinary school. Still, some employers are willing to hire self-taught cooks with relevant experience and portfolios. All public and private sector cooks are required to undergo a food handling and safety certification. 

Cooking professions are expected to grow alongside the rising population and economic activity. 

Animal Caretakers

An animal caretaker is someone who cares for or trains animals. Multiple settings need animal caretakers, such as kennels, zoos, stables, shelters, pet salons, veterinary clinics, and more. Animal caretaking can be physically demanding and emotionally draining. There is also an inherent risk of injury with animal caretaking. 

Median Pay

$12.68 per hour

Projected Growth


Many animal caretaking positions do not require degrees or certifications. Most employers provide training upon hire, while others—typically high-end servicers—prefer previous experience with animals. 

The anticipated expansion in animal caretaking roles is expected to increase alongside the growth in population, especially in urban areas. Additionally, the need for animal companionship peaked as people were forced to isolate themselves indoors in the year 2020. As the world moves forward from a year of isolation, we see a drastic, unique opportunity for growth in caring for animals.

Software Developers, Quality Analysts, and Testers

Software developers design and implement computer applications. Software quality analysts and testers identify and report problems and defects found in software. Developers, analysts, and testers work together in teams to publish software programs for all kinds of industries. 

Median Pay

$52.95 per hour 

Projected Growth


Software developers, quality assurance analysts, and testers previously needed degrees to be considered for employment. This requirement is rapidly changing as employers are willing to hire candidates with relevant experience from personal projects or coding camps. Some employers are also willing to hire employees as interns and train them according to the company’s design and culture principles. 

There is expected growth for software developers, analysts, and testers as our economy continues to modernize and simplify daily life and business processes associated with commerce, transportation, manufacturing, and more. 

Medical Assistants

Medical assistants manage administrative and clinical tasks in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare facilities. Medical assistants file patient documents, complete preliminary exam tasks like taking vitals and correspond with health professionals like doctors and nurses. Medical assisting requires attention to detail and patience.  

Median Pay

$17.23 per hour

Projected Growth


In general, you need to earn a certificate to perform medical assisting. It is also possible to work as a medical assistant without any certifications; some employers offer onsite training. 

The aging baby boomer population is the largest driving factor for an increased need for physician-support roles like medical assisting. The current growth rate of physicians cannot accommodate the baby boomer generation or the increased demand for preventive care. As a result, physicians are predicted to hire and outsource basic administrative and clinical tasks to medical assistants. 

Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

Market research analysts study market conditions to examine the viability of the sales of a product or service. Individuals in these positions need strong mathematical and analytical skills. Market research analysts and specialists are necessary across all industries. Employees in these roles work typical hours and work weeks in offices. 

Median Pay

$31.64 per hour 

Projected Growth


Market research and analytics is another interesting sector where employers are becoming more willing to hire candidates with relevant experience instead of those solely with degrees. 

Employment growth for market analysts and specialists will be driven by increased use of data science and the availability of data-driven reporting software.

Nursing Assistants

Nursing assistant aide nurses with basic administrative and clinical tasks. Nurse assistants provide basic care and help patients with activities of daily living. They also transport patients between offices and rooms, as well as bathe patients and clean their treatment areas.

The majority of nursing assistants work in nursing and residential care homes. Nursing assistants also work in hospitals. Nurse assisting is a physically demanding job; they must be strong enough to move, lift, and carry their patients if they are unable to move. 

Median Pay

$14.82 per hour

Projected Growth


The requirements for becoming a nurse assistant are regulated on a state-by-state basis. In general, nursing assistants need to complete a state-approved course and earn a certificate or license. 

Much like medical assistants, there should be a growing and significant need for nursing assistants to accommodate the large aging populations. 

Secure Your Spot

When it comes to securing your future job prospects, there’s not a moment to lose. Many new job openings are coming, especially with less emphasis on degrees. Obtain a role whose work, requirements, and benefits suit you as soon as possible. Find your stable, in-demand job today before it’s too late. 

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