How to Turn Your Seasonal Position Into A Permanent Job

Snagajob |

What do you do when your seasonal position or part-time job is over? Sure, you could spend the time looking for another job, but that isn’t your only option. 

That’s right. Depending on your circumstances, you might be able to convert your seasonal position into a permanent, full-time job that lasts far beyond the holiday season. Get the hours, benefits and stability you crave from the company you’re already working with by scoring a permanent position.

Follow these four tips to go from seasonal to seasoned.

1. Demonstrate your hard work

Let’s say you’re working a seasonal job at a ski resort. The season ends once the snow stops falling, which means you’ve got a small window of time to prove yourself to your employer. 

Show that you’re more than just a seasonal, part-time worker. Make it a point to go the extra mile at your seasonal job. That might mean taking on extra tasks, staying a little later and weathering hard moments with a smile. 

Hiring managers are much more likely to ask you to come on full-time if they know you have a solid work ethic. Work hard from day one at your seasonal job to open the door to full-time employment. 

2. Be a team player

But the hiring manager is just one part of the equation here. Many hiring managers will chat with your coworkers to see if you’re a good fit for the team. All it takes is one less-than-stellar review to jeopardize your chance at full-time employment. 

Prove that you know how to be a team player from day one. Even if you work with grumpy, unpleasant people, do your best to be cheerful and helpful. Companies want to hire people who mesh with their existing full-time team, so remember to invest in your coworker relationships, too. 

3. Develop new skills

Hard work and relationships might not be enough to land you a coveted full-time position. You also need to know your stuff. 

Most seasonal positions are for trainable jobs in customer service or hospitality. Full-time positions often require more advanced skills and experience. 

Always be investing in your skills. If there’s a way for you to learn outside of work hours or to shadow a fellow employee, take advantage of it. Take courses online at sites like Coursera to boost your business acumen so you’re a shoo-in for the next open full-time position. 

4. Have career goals and make them known

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than wanting a full-time job and not getting an offer. Too often hiring managers will hire externally instead of looking at their seasonal workers. That’s usually because they don’t think part-time employees want to come on full-time. 

This is why you need to make it known that you want to work full-time for your company. Have career goals in mind and communicate those to your hiring manager. You’ll be surprised how many job opportunities come your way when people know you’re open to full-time work. 

The bottom line

Stop the cycle of looking for a new job every 3-6 months. Follow these four tips to prove your worth and convince your existing company to bring you on full-time. Enjoy the perks of permanent employment in an environment that you already know and love. 

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